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University of London Venues FAQs

General Information: 

  • What are your opening/closing times? The Conference & Events Sales team are available Mon-Fri 8am-6pm. 
  • Is there free public WiFi? Yes. At Senate House Events there is an open wireless connection for guests and visitors. If you are on campus visiting for the day or attending a conference or event, you can connect your device to wireless. 
  • Is there seating at events? Yes, our seating arrangements are very flexible. We provide a variety of seating layouts for all bookings/events unless it’s a dance event or art show opening. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you in finding the best layout to suit your needs. 
  • Is there a dress code? There isn’t a specific dress code to be in the building, however we do ask that you dress appropriately & respectfully as this is a public building/educational institution. If you are attending a specific event that requires a specific dress code then you will need to contact your event organiser for further information.
  • Is the venue secure? Yes, our security staff are stationed at various points on site such as the entrance and the lobby area. The venue is monitored via CCTV. All delegates attending the event will need to be signed in/show ID on arrival to reception to confirm their place on the guest list. Photo identification is preferred but anything with your full name on it will be acceptable. You will be provided with a name badge which we ask you to wear prominently whilst you are on the premises. As this is a public building, guests may be subject to a random bag search.

Travel & Accomodation:

  • Where is Senate House located? We are located in the heart of Bloomsbury, London, immediately to the north of the British Museum. 
  • Are you near public transport? Yes. We are in the centre of London and surrounded by a variety of transportation options such as:
  1. Underground:
    • Russell Square
    • Goodge Street
    • Tottenham Court Road
    • Euston Square
  2. Overground: 
    • Kings Cross/St. Pancreas 
    • Euston Statition
  3. Bus:
    • Tottenham Court Road or Russell Square (Numbers 7, 24, 29, 68, X68, 73, 91, 134, 168 and 188).
  • Where can I park? There is a wide choice of places to park with an array of NPC parking facilities located nearby.  We do have onsite parking, however spaces are limited and are mostly used for loading/unloading. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you should you require any parking arrangements to be made.
  • I am visiting from outside London, where can I stay? There are a variety of accommodation choices for you to choose from. StayCentral is our onsite accommodation for delegates. Please ensure that you review the availability before making travel arrangements to avoid disappointment. The Grange hotel is a partner of Senate House Events. With that in mind you can receive a unique discount when making a booking there when referencing your event with us. Lastly, there are a variety of franchise hotels within central London also, such as Novotel and Jury’s Inn.
  • What are the nearest airports? London City Airport, Heathrow, Gatwick & Stansted.
  • How accessible are events? Very! All of our rooms/halls are wheelchair accessible. The two largest halls are located on the ground floor. This is ideal for larger bookings/events, in addition to this there are a plethora of smaller meeting rooms/venue space also located on the ground floor as well. In addition to this there are a variety of rooms and hall space located on the first floor. These can be accessed via the lift (located in the main entrance) and a wide staircase (located in the Crush Hall). If you have any additional access requirements that we need to be made aware of please contact the event organiser in advance of the event you are planning to attend so that arrangements, where possible, can be made.
  • When I arrive at your venue, will I have to queue? This is entirely dependent on the event you are attending and the time of day can contribute to a wait time to enter the building as it is open to the public.

Booking with us:

  • How do I make a booking? You can contact us by either email or phone and a member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you. You will be notified by email within 24hrs as to whether we can accommodate your request.
  • Should I book in advance? Although the price does not change if you book well in advance or last minute, our availability does. With that in mind we do recommend confirming your booking details as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Most of our events are cheaper in advance, and as we are a small venue we highly recommend booking before you come to ensure there is a place for you. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you should you require any assistance when making your booking.
  • Can I make repeat or recurring bookings? Yes, of course you can. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you should you require any assistance when making your booking.
  • Can I set up in advance? Yes, although the room/hall you have booked will have already been set up ready for your arrival.
  • Do I have to set up the room/hall myself? No, of course not. At Senate House Events our incredible Porter team will set up the room/hall as you require prior to your arrival. Other arrangements can be made if you are planning on sourcing your own furniture and staff. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you in finding the best layout to suit your needs.
  • My booking is only for a couple of hours, will I be charged for the full day? No, our booking slots are segmented into morning (08:30-12:30), afternoon (13:00-17:00)  and evening sessions (18:00-22:00). You will only be charged for the duration of your booking within each session. You will only be charged for additional sessions if your booking crosses over into another session.
  • Do I have to be a member of UoL staff to make a booking? No.
  • Can you hold provisional bookings, if so how long for? Yes, we can but only upto 5 working days.
  • Do you accept bookings via agencies? Yes. We are partnered with a variety of agencies.
  • Can I view the venue in advance? Yes, we actively encourage this as it allows all parties involved to get a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations prior to the booking taking place. In order to arrange this we do advise that you get in touch with a member of our Sales Team to book a site visit.
  • Can I come early to an event? We recommend delegates to arrive upto 30 mins before the event is due to take place. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you should you require any assistance upon your arrival and/or if your arrival/rig day requires more time. 
  • Do I need to know the names of my delegates when booking? No, we don’t require the details of your delegates when making the booking. We understand that delegate numbers can change, with that in mind we will contact you closer to the event date to collect this information from you.
  • I require a cloak room for my event, can I book this? Yes, this can be arranged before the booking is due to take place. Please note items are left at the guests own risk.
  • Is there space for sponsors/exhibitors? Yes, this amount of space available is entirely dependent on the event size and layout. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you should you require any further assistance. 
  • Will I be charged VAT on my booking? Yes, we are currently operating with the prevailing VAT rate of 5%. 


  • Do you provide audio-visual equipment and support? Yes, we have a dedicated onsite AV team that can set up the room/hall with your requirements ahead of time.
  • Do you charge for audio-visual equipment? No, there is no charge as this is included within the venue hire.
  • Can I bring my own audio-visual equipment and support? Yes, of course. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you should you require any further assistance.
  • What is the policy on taking pictures/video at the venue? You are welcome to take photos at the event but please do not use flash photography inside the auditorium as it is very off-putting for the panel/performers and disruptive for other members of the audience. Be sure to tag Senate House Events when you upload. If the event is a musical concert, please do not take a video of any part of the event without our express permission or the permission of the event organiser. If the event is a film screening, we ask you not to film or photograph any part of the event due to copyright law.


  • Can I get something to eat? Yes, of course! At Senate House Events we have a plethora of catering choices available to you. We serve breakfast and lunch at their respective parts of the day in the *Dellar cafe*. If you would like a quick snack or lunch, our *ground floor cafes* in Senate House building sport a variety of freshly made sandwiches, paninis and an array of refreshments. If you would like to have a more *bespoke catering menu* this can be arranged through your event organiser. This includes but is not limited to buffets, custom sandwich lunches and an array of delicatessens with accompanying drinks. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you should you require any catering/refreshment arrangements to be made.
  • Can I bring my own catering for my event?  Unfortunately not, with the exception of water, no external catering is permitted to be consumed on premisis. When booking events at Senate House Events everything is sourced in-house, this includes our catering. A member of our Sales Team will be on hand to assist you should you require any special arrangements or dietary requirements to be made for your delegates.