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Art Deco Props Vital for a 1920's Party
18th October 2013
As a movement, Art Deco occurred during a time of great cultural dynamism and social upheaval. The boldness and brightness of the movement was reflected in the time’s wealth and glamour – and washed down with an alcoholic drop of naughtiness.
Winter cocktails
14th October 2013
If you are hosting a winter party, it goes without saying you’re going to want to offer a range of drinks for your guests which takes into account a variety of tastes. Cocktails are often associated with the summer; however for the more adventurous drinker, there are a range of options which can easily be implemented no matter how small or large your function.
Senate House Event Hire
25th September 2013
There is no questioning London is one of the world’s top cities for seeing the very best art, culture and design. It almost goes without saying then that it is also a hotspot for people creating their art, and London has featured since the dawn of film as one of the best places to record on to camera. The depth of history, architecture and culture lends itself well to this form of art – here are 5 of London’s most recognisable filming locations. Somerset House
Hosting Christmas Party London
20th September 2013
With summer on the wane and cold weather showing its appearance once again, people’s attentions naturally turn to the next major event on the calendar – Christmas. Although it may seem a little early to get the tinsel up, Christmas party bookings are already being snapped up, and the minds of businesses are turning to securing venues for their annual gathering. In this blog post, we look at 5 inventive Christmas party ideas to try this year. The Right Decorations
Summer Party Space Senate House
15th August 2013
When you think of the summer, the last thing people think of is work. Summer is officially party season, and what better way to celebrate than choosing a venue which suits the weather. Nobody wants to be trapped in a stuffy, windowless, characterless box of a room - here are a few tips on choosing a space for an event during the summer months. High ceilings!
22nd July 2013
On the 26th June 1933, King George V laid the very first stone of Senate House – London’s amazing art-deco building and the city’s first ever skyscraper. A lot has change in the capital in the 80 years since Senate House’s inception, but it still remains one of the world’s most fascinating and captivating places. Here a short piece looking at what London was like in 1933 – and what a building such as Senate House will have experienced in its lifetime
Conference Venue London
11th July 2013
Hosting a great party for your colleagues and workmates can see a number of benefits for your business, including increased morale, higher productivity and a better sense of camaraderie whilst at work. They can be great fun, and if done right, be one of the most memorable nights of the year. Here are five tips from us to create a fun, innovative and exciting party for your colleagues.
Gordons Square Senate House
28th June 2013
A marquee is a stunning alternative to a conventional venue, providing you and your guests the opportunity to mingle in a spacious and relaxed environment whatever the occasion. Marquees are a blank canvas meaning you can apply your own themes, colours, decorations and furniture to create a bespoke setting for your event.
Wedding Cake
21st June 2013
The cake is the culinary centrepiece at every wedding, therefore it is vital to have a bespoke and impressive design that complements the style of your wedding. The traditional British rendition of a wedding cake can be a bit ‘stodgy’ for summer occasions, so we have provided you with some summer wedding cake designs to inspire you into creating your own little masterpiece. International Wedding Cake Inspiration Italy
Large-scale projection advertising | Senate House
19th June 2013
Product launches provide businesses with the perfect opportunity to gain exposure and influence their target market to buy into their brand. In order to execute a product launch, businesses need to follow these 6 tips to ensure sweet success.   Product Launches at Senate House  1.       Understand how the product or service will benefit the target market