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awards ceremony
09th December 2014
Awards ceremonies are a celebration of talent, success and achievement, so when planning this kind of event, it’s important that it’s upbeat, exciting and well attended! We've pulled together some of the things you need to consider when organising an awards ceremony. Get in touch with our experienced and resourceful events and conferencing team to find out how they can help you organise the perfect awards ceremony.
Christmas hat
03rd December 2014
Well, it’s that time of the year again. The days have become short, dark, damp and dreary, the air is crisp with a bitter winter chill, and the town and city centres are filling up with an influx of flustered shoppers. Yep, Christmas is within sight.
Charity Dinner Dance
26th September 2014
Organising a large-scale charity event is a fantastic way to promote awareness, raise money and have fun. However, the undertaking can be a lot of hard work, and pulling off a successful large-scale event requires a great amount of planning, organisation and creativity.  To help with the planning process, we've pulled together some of the main things you should consider when arranging a large-scale, high-end charity event.  
Dancing Women at Dinner Dance
16th September 2014
What happens when the temptation of the dance floor becomes too much? What happens when we cast aside our inhibitions as the overwhelming desire to get down and boogie fuels our very purpose? Well, the truth is, it all depends on what type of dancer you are.
Planning a Corporate Event using Pinterest
01st September 2014
Working for a company that hosts unforgettable corporate events is an incredible perk to a job. Regular corporate events to reward hardworking staff, celebrate new clients or applaud business success can generate a great working ethos as well as staff advocacy. 
corporate party
23rd July 2014
There's always a reason to party, especially when you're working in London. Senate House Events take you through the year as told by corporate parties. 
Large Scale 3D Projection at Senate House
10th July 2014
With stunning displays of colour, movement and imagery, it’s no wonder large scale 3D projection is being utilised more and more in the corporate world. Take a look at some of these incredible videos and discover how you can use the art to promote your brand, product or event. 
Event Technology
17th June 2014
The Internet and the technology it's brought with it has touched almost every industry, including the events sector. We explore how events technology has changed events for attendees as well as organisers, how to utilise great tools and how it's likely to develop in the future. 
Bloomsbury London
06th May 2014
Tucked in the corner of the Borough of Camden, you'll find Bloomsbury, the intellectual and literary capital of London. Historical, beautiful and seething with bookish charm, we examine how Bloomsbury is so much more than an intellectual’s playground. In fact, Bloomsbury’s actually pretty cool. So, let us take you by the hand and lead you through the coolest streets of London.
Wedding Catering Canapés at Senate House
24th April 2014
Organising your wedding catering can be stressful. To make things slightly easier, we've pulled togther the essential catering terminolgies that might make planning your wedding feast slightly easier.