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Christmas Party At Senate House
13th May 2016
When Spring is (or at least it should be) in full bloom, it does seem a little bit like madness to be thinking about Christmas. Unless, of course, you are in charge of organising the work Christmas party! If this is the case, starting to plan now is extremely savvy, especially when it comes to booking the Christmas party venue.
Senate House Foyer
10th May 2016
Delivering a large-scale event is immensely rewarding however, the bigger event, the bigger everything else needs to be. You need to upscale time, budgets, teams and resources accordingly and therefore, planning in advance becomes even more vital.
Charity Events
31st March 2016
Fundraising events are a big investment so it’s vital to ensure they deliver the best possible return for your good cause. And whilst every donor is important, high-value donors are especially important if you want to raise awareness of your event and the work you do and ultimately ensure you meet those all-important financial targets.
Academic Conferences
09th March 2016
A successful academic conference is the result of a major time investment, detailed planning and a good dose of enthusiasm.   This guide outlines the important phases of conference planning to help you get the organisational and administrative tasks under control, as well as advice to help you promote and run your academic conference.
Twitter logo and Twitter hashag
12th February 2016
Six thousand tweets are sent every second so you need to think creatively when marketing your event on Twitter if you want to stand out. It’s no longer enough to send out a few tweets letting people know when your event is, you need to spark their interest, get their attention and their trust before your event starts to sell out.
Old Movie Real
04th February 2016
With a brave new year comes brave new technology, with profound effects upon the events industry. Both obvious, straightforward effects and more subtle or indirect effects are expected for 2016, with these being some of the trends with the biggest buzz.
Corporate Party Planning Guide
10th December 2015
‘Anything that can happen, will happen’ Yes, we’re pretty sure Murphy was a party planner. Or in the least he came up with this law three months after he was asked to plan the annual corporate party for the first time. If something has gone wrong, don’t freak out. It can happen to even the most awesome event. Stay cool. We’ve listed the most common problems to occur in the run up to a corporate party and how you can plan to avoid them.
A guide to planning a corporate party
20th November 2015
There are hundreds of articles and blogs online that tell you how difficult and overwhelming organising a corporate party is. Not us.
Looking up at Senate House
27th October 2015
As all great stories should, the history of Senate House is one that always arouses passion, and sometimes, controversy. There is perhaps no other building in the city that is a better reflection of the times and culture in which it was built. At 210ft high Senate House was London’s first skyscraper and one of the most beautiful, distinctive and formidable buildings of the 1930s.
Halloween At Senate House
23rd October 2015
Perhaps you have already heard whisper of ghosts, ghouls and strange things going bump in the night at Senate House. Is our library tower really haunted? What otherwordly secrets lay under Crush Hall? Come curious children of the night, if you seek mystery and macabre read on…