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Old Movie Real
04th February 2016
With a brave new year comes brave new technology, with profound effects upon the events industry. Both obvious, straightforward effects and more subtle or indirect effects are expected for 2016, with these being some of the trends with the biggest buzz.
Corporate Party Planning Guide
10th December 2015
‘Anything that can happen, will happen’ Yes, we’re pretty sure Murphy was a party planner. Or in the least he came up with this law three months after he was asked to plan the annual corporate party for the first time. If something has gone wrong, don’t freak out. It can happen to even the most awesome event. Stay cool. We’ve listed the most common problems to occur in the run up to a corporate party and how you can plan to avoid them.
A guide to planning a corporate party
20th November 2015
There are hundreds of articles and blogs online that tell you how difficult and overwhelming organising a corporate party is. Not us.
Looking up at Senate House
27th October 2015
As all great stories should, the history of Senate House is one that always arouses passion, and sometimes, controversy. There is perhaps no other building in the city that is a better reflection of the times and culture in which it was built. At 210ft high Senate House was London’s first skyscraper and one of the most beautiful, distinctive and formidable buildings of the 1930s.
Halloween At Senate House
23rd October 2015
Perhaps you have already heard whisper of ghosts, ghouls and strange things going bump in the night at Senate House. Is our library tower really haunted? What otherwordly secrets lay under Crush Hall? Come curious children of the night, if you seek mystery and macabre read on…
An elegant and unique event space
08th September 2015
Attending events has never been so deep-rooted in our professional and personal lives. More of us than ever are getting involved with fundraisers and endurance events in our free time, whilst professionally we’re attending more conferences, exhibitions and corporate parties than ever before.
06th August 2015
Senate House is a towering example of the extravagant Art Deco movement that graced London’s cityscape in the early 20th century. The style remains popular today, with both Hollywood and fashion trends rekindling the fascination surrounding the iconic look. 
London skyline
23rd July 2015
We host some of the biggest international events as well as many world famous domestic events in our fair city. Here are top 10 reasons we think London is the event capitol of Europe, and probably the world too.
Events map - Bloomsbury
09th June 2015
From umbrella jousting to pop-up operas and everything in between, there’s plenty to do in and around Bloomsbury this summer. And we don’t want you to miss out. So here’s our guide to the best local events and festivals taking place over the next few months.
Banquet Food
23rd March 2015
Banquets have hit the event mainstream again. The nation’s love of good food, good drink and a glamorous atmosphere has lead to this indulgent communal feast dominating the events sector. And with good reason! Banquets are popular because they effortlessly give an event a focus, whether it’s a party, a ceremony or a dinner dance. The act of sitting and dining brings people together to feast and chinwag, offering somewhere relaxed and natural for people to network at ease.