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Good to go visit britain logo over image of senate house
30th July 2020
With all the changes brought about by Covid-19, our venues have been closed for some months. But we’ve been taking many steps in recent weeks to ensure our venues are safe and accessible, and adhere to government guidelines. 
Film take
02nd June 2020
Our flagship venue Senate House has been a film shoot location for many years and catches the eye of film makers, location scouts and broadcasters. To help support the film industry in London further, we've become a member of the London Filming Partnership, bringing expertise and experience.
Senate House front view
14th April 2020
From 4pm on Friday 20th March, Senate house and all associated venues closed. This includes our Senate House & Garden Halls venues but we will continue to support our events community with all our staff working remotely.
Batman projection on senate house
07th January 2020
Advertising has evolved significantly in the last fifty years. Brands have had to get increasingly more creative and intelligent in order to grab attention and ensure their messages land.
green events hand painted green with plant
27th November 2019
As UK businesses become more eco-conscious, the interest in green and sustainable events is steadily increasing. Public consciousness is growing, and businesses are starting to recognise that accountability and positive decisions around CSR (corporate social responsibility) are more important than ever.
Senate House Windows Purple Lights
20th November 2019
Supporting World Pancreatic Cancer Day This November at Senate House we are taking part in Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month by illuminating our main building in purple lights.
art deco film architecture
25th October 2019
Art Deco Filming Locations in London Are you looking for an art deco film shoot location in London to conjure up the elegant, bygone era of the jazz age? Spanning decadent but tastefully minimal interiors to impressive, imposing exteriors, art deco buildings provide fantastic backdrops for filming, whether a TV series or movie.
Senate House Film Venue
05th August 2019
Our flagship venue Senate House oozes history and art deco elegance. Among many of the unique features the venue boasts:   
Facilitating a workshop group session
17th June 2019
How to conduct a successful workshop
Senate House Conference Venue Iconic External View
25th April 2019
There are many elements to consider when organising a conference. Searching for that perfect venue for your next conference can be tricky, and it’s important you weigh up the pros and cons of each venue carefully before deciding where to put your venue budget. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips to help you with choosing your conference venue. When you imagine your next successful conference, how do you see the event unfolding?