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Winter Parties - How To Host The Perfect Winter Party

26th November 2013
Winter Parties - How to Host the Perfect Winter Party

Although many people automatically think of Christmas and boozy office nights out when they think of winter and parties, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so stereotypical. Winter is the perfect time to host an elegant, cosy and sophisticated party – and with years of experience at Senate House, we think we’re in the perfect position to be able to office advice on how to do it. Here is our guide on how to host the perfect winter party.


There are thousands of ways you can dress up a room in order to host the perfect winter party. The dark evenings and late afternoons provide the perfect opportunity to light up the room and atmosphere – fairy lights, drapes and candles are always winter staples – if you choose Senate House as your winter party venue be sure to use our bespoke event planning services to help you choose your decoration.


There’s no getting away from it, the evening of your party is going to be cold. It is easy however to use the chilly weather to your advantage during a winter party. It opens up a host of possibilities for sumptuous and classy evening wear, and if you are at a location with a fire, your guests will appreciate nothing more than coming through the doors to a hot inviting room.


The last thing you want your guests to be doing is trudging across the city to in awful winter weather. If there are a good number of guests attending, think about transport options – anything from minibuses and coaches to personalised chauffer-driver cars are available….arriving at the door for a winter party is one of many benefits of getting personal transport!


As one of our latest blog posts on the best cocktails for a winter party pointed out, having the right drinks menu appropriate to the time of year is vital when it comes to adding to the atmosphere of your event. Cocktails are a great option, as of course are traditional winter warmers such as mulled wine, punch and hot cider.

Appropriate Food

If you’re putting on food at your winter party, it’ll go down well if you use appropriate ingredients and recipes to suit the weather and mood. Big one pot dishes inevitably go down well, and foods like winter broths are easy to make and go a long way. Be sure to use the knowledge of our excellent event catering services to tailor the food to your requirements.

Senate House Events offer a range of party and events services. If you are looking to host the perfect winter party, contact us today.

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