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What's Your Christmas Party Persona? | Event Planning

03rd December 2014
Christmas hat

Well, it’s that time of the year again. The days have become short, dark, damp and dreary, the air is crisp with a bitter winter chill, and the town and city centres are filling up with an influx of flustered shoppers. Yep, Christmas is within sight.

And as the long year draws to an end, our social calendars start to sparkle and bauble with invites to obligatory festive celebrations. For many, this includes the eagerly awaited Office Christmas Party. With the winning combination of free food, free booze and a resulting loss of inhibitions, work parties are a great way to socialise with your colleagues, enjoy the festivities and relax after a long, hard year.

The Office Christmas Party: Who are you?

However, it’s these corporate Christmas parties that can end in a head-pounding disaster. Shameless flirting, careless office gossiping or that somewhat hazy memory of dancing on the table; the free booze can often turn us into the people we manage to hide away for the majority of the year. 'Tis the season for sparkly dresses and regret.

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The Blackout Drunk

The temptation to drink significantly more than you normally would is quite alluring at a work Christmas party. From the genuine excitement of the festive season, to the desperate desire to prevent awkward interactions with colleagues – all coupled with so much FREE booze – these parties can often mean disaster for you. You drink yourself into such a shameful state, embarrassing yourself so much that you’re met with a slow clap as you dizzily haul yourself into the office the next day.

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The Free Drink Hoarder

You love a bargain, so a free bar is your happy place. You position yourself strategically by the bar staff, and tuck into a never-ending supply of your tipple of choice, re-surfacing only to hiccup.

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The Personal Space Invader

There’s nothing worse than a boozy breathy body in your face. With your inhibitions long gone with that last swig of mulled wine, you might not notice that a mere hair width separates your face from another’s.  Yet, you yap away with your face essentially pressed up against that of your colleague’s, boozy condensation building up on their skin. Lovely.

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The Drunken Boss Hater

Alcohol makes you feel safe. Indestructible. There is nothing you can say that will have repercussions, because, lets face it, everyone else’s thinking the same thing anyway. So, you start to feel comfortable sharing your genuine feelings about your boss – they’re a ‘this’, they’re a ‘that’. But, as a history of hangovers will tell you - this probably isn’t a great idea.

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The Drunken Colleague Hater

Unlike the boss hater, you save your slander for your direct peers, voicing your opinion on Jane’s bad choice of skirt the other week, or the fact you can’t comprehend how Simon got the promotion after that presentation. Finding a comrade in your gossip is fuel to your fire, but beware – a slur to the wrong person can earn you a year of dagger eyes in the office.

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The Inappropriate Romance Instigator

You live for forbidden, lustful snogs. Whether they’re a sneaky fumble hidden away by the loos or a public display of affection on the dance floor - as long as the repercussions are suitably awkward and gossip worthy, you pursue them! You’re also your colleague’s favourite talking point, so it might be wise to leave your personal life at the door of the party - you’ve got weekends for that kind of thing.

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The Personal Confessor

Once you’ve had a drink, you decide it’s about time to be honest with the world and make a profound confession. This can vary depending on your mood, but it’s likely to include something you work colleagues probably needn’t know. From your plans to sell up and travel the world, the fact you’re unquestionably in love with Jenny from accounts, or that you’re still blindingly furious you didn’t get the promotion you went for 6 months ago. Either way, you tend to reveal a little too much for the working environment.

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The Potty Mouth

As soon as you relax, so does your tongue. The odd swear word uttered under your breath at work rapidly snowballs into a garish cocktail of appalling profanities, taking both your colleagues and boss by surprise. Each sentence you form has a carefully placed curse, and while the Sambuca makes you feel cool and edgy, essentially, you just come across as a crude potty mouth.

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The Rude Joke Teller

After a couple of beers, you have the great idea to share that hilarious rude joke your mate told you at the pub last week. Oblivious to your audience, you go ahead and share, regardless of how offensive/distasteful it may be, causing your reputation to be tarnished.

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The Over-compensator

Maybe you don’t feel entirely comfortable with your work colleagues, or you’re just not great at general chitchat, but the pressure of the Christmas work party gets the best of your social skills. You awkwardly go all out to bond with your colleagues, resulting in some weird conversations, weirder behaviour and some serious morning cringes.

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Parties at Senate House

If any of these do sound like you at a party, don’t fret too much – think of the positives! Everyone in the office will know who you are, and people normally get over any serious blunder by at least March. And, you can always keep to the virgin daiquiris!

If you’re looking for a party venue in Central London, Senate House offers a range of glamorous party spaces that can be used year round. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can cater for your party.

And finally, whatever you do at your Christmas party… try to enjoy it!

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