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What Type Of Dancer Are You? | Event Planning and Tips

16th September 2014
Dancing Women at Dinner Dance

Dancing; it either brings out the very best or the very worst in a person. And as any dinner dance attendee knows, at some point during an evening, we’re all drawn to that increasingly alluring dance floor.

So what happens when the temptation of the dance floor becomes too much? What happens when we cast aside our inhibitions as the overwhelming desire to get down and boogie fuels our very purpose? Well, the truth is, it all depends on what kind of dancer you are.

What Kind of Dancer Are You? 

Do you make magic on the dance floor or do you make the dance floor and everyone else on it wish it was never born? Read on to discover your dancing identity – cringing is obligatory.

1. The ‘Centre of Attention’

Ah, you. You’ll always be the first on the dance floor and the last one off. It’s the perfect place for you; everyone’s eyes are on you, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. If there’s a stage you’re on it. If there’s a spotlight, you’re in it.

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2. The ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

You might be part of a couple, or maybe you just find each other on the dance floor, but either way, you‘d give Aliona and Anton a run for their money.

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3. The ‘Simple But Effective’

Not straying far from the simple moves of yore, you play it safe and stick with some of the better-known dance grooves. Big fish, little fish, cardboard box is your staple jive.

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4. The ‘Not Going Up Unless You Do’

Never found on the dance floor alone, you need the accompaniment of your posse before you’re found frolicking on the floor.

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5. The ‘Little Bit Creepy’

Maybe you have a few too many drinks and try to experiment, or maybe you hold eye contact with other dancers just that little bit too long... Either way, the way you dance ends up leaning towards the creepy side of fun.

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6. The ‘Dad Dancer’

Basically, you just make dancing look mind-blowingly un-cool.

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7. The ‘Personal Space Invader’

You tend to get a little carried away. Music really does ‘make you lose control’ and prevents you from realising that other dancers might not be feeling it quite like you are. Step away from the other humans.

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8. The ‘Hair Back And Forth’

Taking Willow Smiths song as Gospel, you believe that hair back and forth is the definitive move.

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9. The ‘All or Nothing’

You don't care if nobody else is dancing. You don't care if the rest of the dance floor are pacing themselves for the night ahead. You're here to get down and boogie and it starts NOW. 

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10. The ‘Cooler Than You’

You’re cool and you know it. Effortlessly, you make every dance look like you rehearsed it. You didn’t though; you’re just that cool.

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11. The ‘I’m Loving It’

The dance floor is your happy place.

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12. The 'Slightly Awkward'

Let's face it, you don't really want to dance. But given that eveyone else is, you give it your best shot. And you really do try, it's just it doesn't come naturally to you, and the result is... uncomfortable to watch. 

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13. The ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’

Who really cares? That’s your boogie ethos. And good for you! You’re clearly having a lot of fun, however ridiculous you may look.

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Dinner Dances at Senate House

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