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What’s on in London – A Comprehensive Guide to The Best Recommendation Websites

08th January 2014
What's On London

There’s no getting away from it, the way we consume information has changed, and is still changing dramatically.

There are now countless new ways to consume information – we live in a world of far greater synchronisation than even three years ago; where our data is stored in the ether and we access it through a number of different mediums. We find information on the go – and integrate the way we find this information into our lifestyle and Internet persona’s.

It’s incredibly important therefore that blogs, what’s on guides and other associated websites adapt to the times, and put forward an aspirational, ‘lifestyle’ image that pertains to what users expect to see. People expect the information they want to be there at the touch of a button or the flick of a smartphone screen – the famous Time Out magazine has even had to adapt by shifting from a paid to a free business model. These are changing times, but for young, creative and forward thinking website owners they are also exciting times. Here is our comprehensive guide to the very best recommendation websites in London.

The Londoner

The Londoner is the online personality of the roaming lifestyle and fashion blogger Rosie. It’s grown substantially in recent years, but still very firmly roots itself in a sense of London and British-ness that’s hard to beat. Expect lots of food, fashion and travel recommendations for those with the most premium of London tastes. Prepare also to be insanely jealous…








Time Out London

Time Out is an old hand at this game, but still retains its unique character and knowledge of London and is hard to beat if you know the kind of thing you’re looking for. The magazine, although now given out for free, is popular but its blog and online presence has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and has really adapted to the huge digital revolution. Their massive readership and contributor base means they’re able to keep up with the very latest London has to offer – from last minute shows to seasonal events.

Visit London

Although Visit London is aimed primarily at visitors to the city, there’s still a huge amount of info on this site that would be useful for those wanting to find what’s current and available for locals. One major advantage is the ability to be linked through directly to ticket sites, and it’s possible to find out what’s going on in pretty much every part of the city.  Travel information is easy to find, as is accommodation info if you’re staying longer.

London Eater

The London Eater is a blog that’s not for the faint of culinary heart. It focuses on the very best that can be sought food wise in the capital, and accompanies its blog posts with sumptuous images of aforementioned food, how much you’d expect to have to pay and where it can be found. It manages to combine un-pretentious restaurant reviews with a true love of genuine, down to earth food. A must read if you’re a regular eater in the city.










London on the Inside

London on the Inside is a wealth of information when it comes to stuff you wouldn’t read about elsewhere. An ‘insider’ blog for the instagram generation, it combines lifestyle news and reviews with profiles of alternative cultures in the way of gig guides and local knowledge. Attracting a youthful, artistic and creative, travel-savvy crowd, it’s a great blog for knowing you’re up to the minute.

Run Riot!

Run Riot styles itself as a blog that deals with cultural happenings in the way of London’s best art, culture and parties. It has a strong emphasis on the London club scene, and profiles a selection of must visit clubs and parties around the city. As is often the way with blogs and what’s on guides such as this – it produces a weekly newsletter, which delivers the very latest straight to your inbox. It’s worth signing up.

London Living

London living doesn’t really class itself as a What’s On guide – it’s more of a blog which deals with issues and concerns people have living in London and dealing with the stresses and strains of everyday life in a massive city. Based in East London, it does have an emphasis on the finer things in life, but it’s priority is firmly in making sure London residents get the most out of their home city.

The Accidental Londoner

Sometimes in life, you end up being somewhere or doing something without really meaning to. We can all empathise with this – but sometimes we find we enjoy our inadvertent detours in life more than the planned ones. That’s the premise behind The Accidental Londoner, and as a blog it really works…if you see everything as a happy accident you never cease to be amazed and impressed by what’s in front of you. This blog looks at London food, fashion, travel & entertainment with a refreshing and revitalising attitude.

Tired of London, Tired of Life

Tired of London, Tired of Life provides one thing a day to do in London. One post a day – and one interesting thing at a time to add to your ever increasing list of things to do in London. Everything from exploring old WW2 bunkers to shopping trips are covered – this blog is perfect for instantly learning something new about the big city.


Londonist is a behemoth of a blog – a well formed and established website published by LDN Creative Ltd and originally set up in 2004 as The Big Smoker. It produces a wealth of content – anything about London you want to know can generally be found on this blog and it also produces a newsletter and a podcast as well as having a big presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.






The Nudge

The Nudge is ‘an undercover guide to the best of London’, and focuses on what many of you wouldn’t find normally in the city without a website like this. Signup to their newsletter and you’ll get the very best of what’ new, what’s popped up and where’s best to go for a night out in the heart of the city. Occasionally, and rather fantastically, it will run competitions to eat and drink at some of its favourite venues.

Just Opened London

In the same way as The Nudge focuses on the latest goings-on and venues to visit in London, Just Opened London does exactly the same and provides the opportunity to stay on the pulse when it comes to what’s opening and what’s around the next corner. A wide variety of bars, clubs, hotels & restaurants are featured, as well as a good number of shops and the latest fashion outlets.

Hidden London

‘A London Less Obvious’ is the matra of Hidden London, a London blog that reveals the hidden corners and curiosities of this vast city. The reader can sense the blog really does believe that history has left a hidden surprise around every corner. A must read for the eternally curious or historically minded.


When it comes to high fashion, it’s clear that London can keep up with the very best in the world. Fashion blogs are no exception, and this offering from rewardStyle affiliate programme Venzedits offers a range of lifestyle posts and blog suggestions. The travel section is where it really comes in to its own – recommendations on restaurants, bars, hotels & a range of different activities in major cities around the world compliment major London fashion and design articles.

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