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University of London Venues and the London Filming Partnership

02nd June 2020
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University of London Venues and the London Filming Partnership

Our iconic flagship venue Senate House, as one of London’s first skyscrapers, regularly catches the eye of film makers, location scouts and broadcasters. We’re a key part of the film industry in London and to support this industry, bringing our expertise, experience and high standards, we’ve become a member of the London Filming Partnership.  

This organisation was developed in association with the Mayor of London and launched in 2005 to create a commitment from all in film and media production in the capital to encourage development and growth in the industry. 

By joining this partnership, we ensure that together we maintain the film industry in London and boost the network, bringing those in the London film industry together and helping boost awareness of this industry to those in the UK and internationally. 


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Amazing filming spaces and locations

Featuring grand vistas, halls and architectural details set against an Art Deco style, Senate House provides the ideal backdrop for both modern and period sets within flexible reception areas, meeting rooms, conference halls and our magnificent library.

Over the years, Senate House has featured in many successful high budget films and acclaimed TV dramas and documentaries. Our impressive venue offers fantastic backdrops for filming and can evoke many different eras. For example you can use its Art Deco contours to conjure up the 1920’s jazz age, or use its minimalist architecture to transform it into an airport lounge as in the most recent Bond film.

The grand marble interiors doubled up as the headquarters of MI5 in the BAFTA winning series Killing Eve and as a hotel lobby in the TV mini-series ‘Patrick Melrose’. Its grand lines lent themselves to the US Embassy in a recent series of Silent Witness and the impressive exterior featured in the 2018 film Christopher Robin. 

Our central London location makes filming with us easy for set-up and equipment assembly. As a central venue we’re also very affordable and provide free on-site parking too, enabling you to bring crew and kit vans right up to the door. Our outdoor spaces and multiple venues are incredibly flexible meaning you can shoot several scenes at once across them all. 

Killing eve scene filmed at Senate House
Image Credit: BBC

Senate House has also acted as a unit base and production office and our in-house logistics manager handles all film shoot project management from our side, allowing seamless filming experiences.  We have vast experience of working with celebrities and high profile clients and always adhere to strict guidelines around security, discretion and crowd control. 

The film industry in London

As a part of the London film industry, we’re always working towards maintaining and boosting high standards. Being part of the LFP allows us to ensure we’re keeping to the best practice standards for filming in London and enables us to work within the film community collaboratively to spread this message.

The LFP mission is to make sure the industry is sustainable for everyone. The London Filming Partnership is an invaluable resource for international film-makers too and any visiting members of the film community. Their filming in London code is a powerful resource for supporting the film industry and maintaining continuity. They are a go-to resource if you want to film in London, with information about aspects such as night filming, street signs or pyrotechnics and the rules surrounding these areas.

Filmmaking in London doesn’t need to come with unknown challenges when you can rely on a resource such as the LFP and experienced and reliable private venues like University of London Venues. 

University of London Venues: a London Film Location

As a well established and experienced TV and film location in London we are committed to the high standards that entails. We regularly attend events that keep us in touch with people in the London film industry, so we stay up to date and are aware of new development or current issues within the film community. We attended the London Filming Partnership networking event in January which was a good opportunity for location managers to meet. We are looking forward to keeping up to date with more industry news and trends at the Focus 2020 event later in the year. 


Man filming holding a camera

The London Film Partnership also adheres to a sustainability policy which complements our own green policies. You can find out more about our drive towards sustainability here. (link to sustainability page here)

By being an active member of the London film community we firmly believe we have a responsibility to uphold high cross-industry standards and this is beneficial to the reputation of everyone within it, supported by the London Film Partnership too. 

Find out more about booking us as a film location and help to boost the local economy, support London tourism and be comfortable in the knowledge that you’re also using a venue that is sensitive to those who work and live in London. Contact us via email at, over the phone on 020 7862 8127 or by filling out our online contact form. 

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