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Top 10 Life-hacks for Personal Assistants

28th March 2018
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We all know that being a PA is demanding. The late nights, the impossible deadlines, the juggling of a hundred tasks at any one moment. Stress is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be disruptive.
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To help you get the most out of your job and look forward to Mondays we’ve compiled these tips to ease stress and be the best PA you can be:

Personal Assistant Duties - what you really do every day!

As a personal assistant, you have to be everything to everyone. You need to make space for numerous things in your head at any one time and never drop any of the responsibilities that you’re juggling.

You might have to deal with an emergency call in the middle of the night from your boss.

Or you’ll most likely be at the receiving end of several urgent requests, all of which are particularly pressing and should have been done yesterday. Whether it’s minute-taking, presentation design or technological problem-solving, you are the office go-to person and you wouldn’t want it any other way. If you need to book a last minute meeting room off-site then look no further than University of London Venues, in the heart of the capital. 

Personal Assistant Tips and Tricks

Always keep these general tips in mind when you’re doing your day job:

  1. Develop a thick skin

    Take criticism lightly and always try to remain positive

  2. Know your industry

    It helps if you know the industry you’re working in inside out. Make sure you get to know the business, its employees and your boss as well as you can, as well as the network of people your boss works with. This allows you to react to requests in an informed and clear-headed way. You can better assess which is the more urgent priority and decide exactly what needs to be done. At University of London Venues our events team are always on hand to support you with any logistics queries when you book a meeting room in our venues.

  3. Be discreet at all times

    You never know what office politics or personal issues there could be going on behind the scenes. As part of your job, you could be handling sensitive information and you need to maintain discretion and professionalism at all times.

  4. Mirror your boss

    It helps to get to know the work your boss does too, so you can stand in for them if necessary and know what to expect when their peers fire across questions.

  5. Keep a good work/life balance

    As you’ll spend most of your days running around after someone else, it’s important to make time for yourself. Create some space where you can switch off and do something you love./

Personal Assistant Organisational Tips

  1. Plan, plan…

    Plan ahead as much as you can but be agile and be ready to receive unexpected work at any point.

  2. Write everything down,

    so you can refer to it later, whether as a reminder or to cover yourself if your boss grills you.

  3. File and organise your work,

    and your boss’ work too and make your desk tidy and clear. A tidy desk after all equals a tidy mind.

Personal Assistant Tools

  1. Use Google Calendar and Google Sheets:

    This is handy for seeing what you and your boss’ meeting schedules look like at the drop of a hat. Google Sheets are great for a number of organisational and collaborative tasks. You can use them to create master lists of all contacts for different areas of the business so you have the answers at your fingertips and can solve most problems that come your way

  2. Use a free or paid program for project management:

    Tools such as Asana, Jira or Invision are fantastic for task tracking and collaboration.

These PA life hacks will help you be the best personal assistant you can be. Make sure you file everything, become the master of lists and be as organised as possible.

Try to get to know your boss and their work as much as you can. Understanding how they work and how you can best assist them is your greatest tool to making your job easier and less stressful. There will always be stress, so just try to channel it into productive tasks and make it your motivator.

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