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Summer Weddings - 10 Tips for Getting Married in Summer

28th February 2014
Summer Weddings

Summers weddings are always going to be popular. They feel like they fit together like a glove – it’s easier to feel at your best, the weather is better for outdoor parties and the hours of sunshine are at their peak. In this article, we’ll be looking at 10 tips for getting married in summer, and what you can do to make the most of any good weather that comes around. With winter on the way out, now is a great time to think about planning your summer weddings.


There’s something rather quaint and attractive about light, refreshing cocktails and summer weddings. They’re entirely customisable, they look good and they taste refreshing – you can also add a touch of personality and character to them too.

Appropriate Food

If the weather’s good enough, why not treat your guests to some summer food? Ice cream and cream teas go down very well – fruit and canapés also work - appropriate sweet treats in hot sunny weather are the way forward. Via

Weddings Lanterns

Lanterns have almost been around since the beginning of time – lighting your outside space with a string of lanterns can really add atmosphere to the environment and become a focal piece for your outside event.

Creative Bouquets

Summer weddings can mean an abundance of flowers. Use them to your advantage and create varied bouquets to make the most out of the time of year. In Water Flowers, florists we work very closely with, will be able to help you with this.

Beat the Heat – Dress Light

Especially if you’re getting married in the city at somewhere like Senate House – making sure you stay calm and stress free has a lot to do with your body temperature. Ensure you dress appropriately and don’t layer up too much…light, natural materials are the name of the game here.

Traditional Cake? or Something Lighter?

Back on the food theme here, but it’s worth mentioning that during summer weddings it’s popular to do away with the traditions to some extent – and that goes for the cake too. Why not consider a fruit stack, or a berry wedding cheesecake?

Appropriate Music

Summer music is perfect for a wedding – happy, optimistic, bright and colourful. Choosing appropriate music for the summer months will suit the mood and the atmosphere of the wedding and be remembered for a long time to come.

Room with a View

Here at Senate House, we have a range of stunning wedding rooms to choose from. Good weather in the summer makes it even more important to choose a room or location with a view  - make sure you make the most of all available sunlight!

Don’t Take Your Photos at Noon

The bright light outside during the summer can cause its problems. Unless you’d like full silhouettes as wedding photos it’s best to take your photos during periods of lower light in the evening. The resulting shadows and effects can be more impressive, too.

We’re proud to say Senate House happily works as a wedding venue all year round. Our versatile wedding rooms and beautiful halls are an impressive backdrop to your big day. Find out more about our London wedding venue, or Contact us today to find out more.

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