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Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

21st June 2013
Wedding Cake

The cake is the culinary centrepiece at every wedding, therefore it is vital to have a bespoke and impressive design that complements the style of your wedding. The traditional British rendition of a wedding cake can be a bit ‘stodgy’ for summer occasions, so we have provided you with some summer wedding cake designs to inspire you into creating your own little masterpiece.

International Wedding Cake Inspiration


Although wedding cakes are not present at every wedding ceremony in Italy, it is home to some of the most inspiring summer wedding cake designs. The Crostata Di Frutta is a delicious and light fruit tart, with a layer of colourful fruit slices set on a rich vanilla cream base. Another favourite is the Torta Chantilly cake which is made of a light sponge, smothered in Chantilly cream, decorated with white chocolate shavings.

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas - Crostata Di Frutta

(Image via meimanrensheng, Flickr)


Making quite a statement, croquembouche, France’s traditional wedding cake is made of cream-filled pastries coated in caramel and presented in the form of a pyramid.

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas - Croquembouche

(image via 11250735@N07, Flickr)


The traditional rendition of a wedding cake in Greece combines honey, sesame seeds and quince symbolising the couples love and commitment to one another. A flourless almond cake is also popular, filled with vanilla custard and fruit, coated in sliced almonds. Aside from the wedding cake, Greece also has traditional wedding bread which is decorated in blossom and beads acting as another culinary centrepiece.

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas - Greek Flour-less Almond Cake

(image via dabblelicious, Flickr)


German couples enjoy a rich nut or genoise sponge cake which is laced with liquor or syrup. The sponge is filled with jam, marzipan or nougat and covered in fondant or ganache.

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas - German Genoise Sponge Cake

(image via 60288964@N04, Flickr)


For something completely different, Lithuania’s traditional wedding cake is made of a cookie like-pastry, formed in the shape of a Christmas tree. The pastry is baked to a yellow hue and is decorated with fresh flowers and herbs.

 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas -  Lithuanian Šakotis Cake

(image via tprzechlewski, Flickr)

Summer Wedding Cakes

Fluffy and Fruity

Summer is the perfect opportunity to treat your guests to the best of the British summer by adding berries and zesty flavours to an airy sponge. Classic fruits used are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, adding vibrancy as well as a burst of summer bliss. For a more refreshing taste, coat your sponge with exotic fruits such as pineapple, mango and orange. For those with a sweet-tooth, flavoured liquors such as Limoncello, Frangelico and champagne syrup add a sweet twist to the mixture, suitable for more conventional recipes.  A soft sponge, a cream filling and a fruit topping is simple, but it tastes and looks divine and will certainly complement your summer wedding perfectly.

Fruity Wedding Cake | Senate House Events

(image via mokeneco, Flickr)

Customised Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes are a contemporary alternative to the traditional cake and serves as an interesting wedding table centerpiece. Layered with buttercream and finished with icing, cupcakes are light and tasty, suitable for an afternoon treat in the hot sun. Each cupcake can be designed differently, allowing them to be completely tailored to your personal wedding theme. Cupcakes can be displayed with china tea cups, saucers and cool cake stands, adding a vintage touch.

Wedding Cake Inspiration | Wedding Cupcakes

(Image via kristinausk, Flickr)

Floral Fancy

Experimenting with floral flavours is very fashionable in the catering industry at the moment.

Elderflower provides an exquisite floral flavour, combining beautifully with a range of ingredients and fruits. Elderflower would complement a lemon drizzle sponge perfectly, perhaps decorated with fresh gooseberries and strawberries.

Rose is a popular flower used for summer wedding cakes as it symbolises love and friendship. Rose effortlessly perfumes a soft vanilla sponge, adding an extra sweet flavour.

Lavender can be overwhelming if used incorrectly. It is an incredibly potent flower and needs to be incorporated seamlessly without overpowering the flavour of the cake. Couples warm to lavender for its meaning – devotion, a beautiful meaning behind a wedding cake. The flower tastes delicious in a dark chocolate sponge or a plan vanilla sponge.

Rose Wedding Cake - Wedding Cake Inspiration

(image via hardluck-hotel, Flickr)

Meringue Masterpieces

Incredibly sweet and light, meringue can turn an ordinary cake into a dreamy, dramatic, towering confection. The Meyer lemon cake is made from a soft sponge, zesty lemon curd and creamy coconut Swiss meringue buttercream, the perfect combination for a summer treat. Aside from summer weddings, meringue designs are also suitable for winter weddings, appearing as a dramatic and sculptured art piece for a winter wonderland inspired theme. 

Meringue Wedding Cake - Wedding Cake Inspiration

(image via jezpage, Flickr)

Senate House recommends Little Venice Cake Company

Senate House are proud to work with the Little Venice Cake Company, experienced cake connoisseurs responsible for designing bespoke wedding and celebration cakes.

Founded in 1999 by Mich Turner MBE, the company has made cakes for events at some of London’s leading hotels as well as London’s most established department stores such as Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

At Senate House we offer a fully integrated hospitality service enabling you to create a bespoke wedding cake centrepiece to complement your first-rate catering display.

For more information on our first-rate hospitality services, take a look at our wedding cakes service. 

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