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The Pinterest Guide to Planning a Corporate Event

01st September 2014
Planning a Corporate Event using Pinterest

Working for a company that hosts unforgettable corporate events is an incredible perk to a job. Regular corporate events to reward hardworking staff, celebrate new clients or applaud business success can generate a great working ethos as well as staff advocacy. 

When you're planning a corporate event, it's good to think about the show stopping touches that will wow your guests. To help with that, we've turned to the Queen of the visual internet to inspire the best corporate event planning ideas; Pinterest. We've gathered what we think are some of the best boards to inspire the ultimate corporate event.

We've organised them into the following sections. 

Corporate Event Themes

Corporate Event Food And Drink

Corporate Event Decorations

Corporate Dinner Dances

Corporate Banquets

Planning a Corporate Event: What's the Purpose?

Before you get planning, it's important that every corporate event to has a purpose. Throwing an event is one thing, but if it's planned well enough, it's a fantastic opportunity to communicate a business message, whether you’re promoting a new value, or reinforcing old ones. Think ERM:

  • E – What’s the Event?
  • R - What values will the event Reinforce?
  • M - What’s the Message?

So without further ado, here’s the ultimate guide to planning a corporate party in London, as told by Pinterest.

Corporate Event Themes



Setting The Tone


Everyone likes a good party theme! For corporate events, they’re a great way to create a different atmosphere to the one staff experience at work. Costumes, props and wacky décor eject people from their comfort zones and prompt those stiff office personalities to take a back seat. You can also use different themes to creatively promote a corporate message. (ERM)

We’ve created some party planning boards on Pinterest to inspire some memorable office parties.

The Corporate Art Deco Party

An obvious favourite here at Senate House, Art Deco parties seethe glamour and sophistication. From the glitzy décor of the decade to the elegant 1920’s fashion, this theme has become increasingly popular since the Great Gatsby was replicated on the big screen. This board explores some authentic looks for a perfect Art Deco event. For more Art Deco party inspiration, read our blog on the 8 props vital for an Art Deco Party. 

(Images via Senate House, Pinterest)

The Corporate Nautical Party

Hop aboard! This is a party sure to float any socialite’s boat! Soaking in glamour, nautical parties are a great way to celebrate business success and new direction in style. The yacht feel of the party will excite and thrill attendees, so using this theme to demonstrate new business plans is perfect. 

(Images via Senate House, Pinterest)

The Corporate Vintage Party

If you haven’t been paying attention over the last couple of years, you might not have noticed that Vintage is ‘in’. And this theme is alive and kicking! From high-street coffee shops, to birthday parties and weddings, this quaint theme evokes a sense of curiosity and marvel. 

(Images via Senate House, Pinterest)

The Corporate Halloween Party

Get a corporate Halloween party right, and you’ll go down in Halloween history. Bigger is certainly better when it comes to creating a spooky corporate event, and throwing this kind of event will show your company that you’re invested in fun as well as work. 

(Images via Senate House, Pinterest)

Winter Dinner Dance

Whether it’s to celebrate the arrival of the winter season or to celebrate Christmas, Dinner Dances promote sheer class in a way that a simple disco just can’t compete with. Centrepieces, decorations, ice statues - go all out on this one and you’ll have an event remember, making guests feel appreciated, lucky and glamorous. 

(Images via Senate House, Pinterest)


Event Food & Dining



Providing For Your Guests


Good food at a corporate event should always be a core focus. Whether it’s everything in miniature, everything on sticks, or an elaborate 5-course meal, make sure your food hits the spot.  You can also use food as way to set the standard of class at an event. 


There are a lot of sweet tooth’s out there. Get them salivating with some amazing deserts - this board has loads of ideas on how you can display your deserts at any event. 

(images via terrellie, Pinterest)

Event Food

Even if food isn't the main focus at your corporate event, snacks and refreshments are an important feature of any event. This board explores unique ways you can feature food at your corporate event.

(Images via jonesfordesign, Pinterest)

Event Drinks 

A party without a tipple? Unheard of. These boards showcase some of the more elaborate, fun and unique drinks you can serve at an event.

Event Cocktails

Cocktails are glamorous, tasty and fun! Make sure you serve a variety of cocktails that fit in with your event theme and/or corporate message. 

(images via courtneykernst, Pinterest)

Event Beer 

Don't stick to the same old bevvys - everyone knows what the bog standard lager tastes like. Bringing new and interesting yeasty beverages into the mix will spark conversation amongst guests and also give you a memorable edge. 

(Images via sullentrup, Pinterest)

Corporate Event Decorations:



Setting The Tone


If you can’t do everything 100% at an event, at least go 100% with the decorations. Décor at an event is what will be photographed the most, and gives you the opportunity to truly demonstrate a theme or message. Take a look at some of these boards for inspiration of event décor done well:

Creative Event Décor

Don't be afraid to get creative. This board showcases some of the more out-there decorations seen at corporate events. The more wacky they are, the more memorable, and the more likely your corporate message is to be absorbed. 

(images via areaexhibits, Pinterest)

Big Decorations

When it comes to hosting a corporate event, big often does mean better. The wow-factor goes a long way with events, so browse this board for inspiration on how to make your event awe-inspiring with big props, lights and installations. 

(Images via bizbash, Pinterest)

Floral Decorations

Flowers aren't just for weddings! They can add elegance and sophistication to any event, and fit especially well with the more formal and up-market events. Explore this board and discover how you can use floral design to enhance your corporate event. 

(Images via Kategoddardatx, Pinterest)

Ice Sculptures

Using ice sculptures really sends a message to your guests - and getting custom, branded displays created can make a 

(Images via artbelowzero, Pinterest)


Dinner Dances



What Is Dinner Without Dancing?


Dinner Dances

Dinner and dancing; the two are employed as the main focus of many major events (take weddings for example) and tend to go down a treat! Why not throw an event simply for fun of dining and dancing? Business success, new business and employee success are great reasons to throw this kind of corporate event. 

(images via primpyprincess, Pinterest)

Corporate Banquets



Setting Up A Corporate Banquet


The term might evoke images of Henry VIII, but the days of tearing meat and bread over a narrow food laden table are gone. Banquets are now the epitome of class. Plan 3 or more courses of exquisite edibles, accompanied by quality conversation and good wine, and you’ll have yourself an event to remember.  

Corporate Banquet Food 

Providing your guests with food they’d otherwise unlikely encounter during their day-to-day life is the key to a winning banquet. Whether it's fun, al a Carte, a specific cuisine, or simply deconstructed day-to-day meals, make sure the food you provide evokes a 'wow' from your audience. 

Banquet Food Ideas Pinterest

(Images via cheeto123, Pinterest)

Banquets Table Layout & Food 

The tablet layout at a corporate banquet is a great way to communicate your corporate message and vibe. This board explores great banqueting food, as well as some inspiring table layouts perfect for a corporate event. 

(images via bizbash, Pinterest)

London Corporate Events

ERM… Event, Reinforce, Message; every decision you make when planning a corporate event is an opportunity to send a message or reinforce an existing one. (However, being well known for hosting a show-stopping event sends a good message anyway!) Whether you're promoting your company's services, ethos or its dedication to its staff - there's always an opportunity for ERM.

If you want to find out about hosting corporate events and parties at Senate House, get in contact today. Our selection of opulent rooms in central London offers the perfect location to host a variety of events. 

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