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Friends clinking drinks
06th May 2021
Spring has arrived and the chilly bite in the air is being edged out one degree at a time into what will eventually become summer. The arrival of spring in 2021 for many of us is extra special because social events are starting to open up after what seems like a very bleak year. Having been deprived of outdoor enjoyment for much of spring and summer 2020, the appetite for social events and gatherings has never been more hotly anticipated. 
Corporate Party Planning Guide
10th December 2015
Planning a successful corporate event requires lots of moving parts, impeccable timing, great planning and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Corporate party planners are under tight budget constraints and are expected to deliver a high quality event at good value for money. As experienced event professionals we’ve noticed that the majority of problems occur during the run up to the event.
A guide to planning a corporate party
20th November 2015
There are hundreds of articles and blogs online that tell you how difficult and overwhelming organising a corporate party is. Not us.
Christmas hat
03rd December 2014
Well, it’s that time of the year again. The days have become short, dark, damp and dreary, the air is crisp with a bitter winter chill, and the town and city centres are filling up with an influx of flustered shoppers. Yep, Christmas is within sight.
Dancing Women at Dinner Dance
16th September 2014
What happens when the temptation of the dance floor becomes too much? What happens when we cast aside our inhibitions as the overwhelming desire to get down and boogie fuels our very purpose? Well, the truth is, it all depends on what type of dancer you are.
Planning a Corporate Event using Pinterest
01st September 2014
Working for a company that hosts unforgettable corporate events is an incredible perk to a job. Regular corporate events to reward hardworking staff, celebrate new clients or applaud business success can generate a great working ethos as well as staff advocacy. 
corporate party
23rd July 2014
There's always a reason to party, especially when you're working in London. Senate House Events take you through the year as told by corporate parties. 
Winter Parties - How to Host the Perfect Winter Party
26th November 2013
Although many people automatically think of Christmas and boozy office nights out when they think of winter and parties, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so stereotypical. Winter is the perfect time to host an elegant, cosy and sophisticated party – and with years of experience at Senate House, we think we’re in the perfect position to be able to office advice on how to do it. Here is our guide on how to host the perfect winter party. Décor
Art Deco Props Vital for a 1920's Party
18th October 2013
As a movement, Art Deco occurred during a time of great cultural dynamism and social upheaval. The boldness and brightness of the movement was reflected in the time’s wealth and glamour – and washed down with an alcoholic drop of naughtiness.
Hosting Christmas Party London
20th September 2013
With summer on the wane and cold weather showing its appearance once again, people’s attentions naturally turn to the next major event on the calendar – Christmas. Although it may seem a little early to get the tinsel up, Christmas party bookings are already being snapped up, and the minds of businesses are turning to securing venues for their annual gathering. In this blog post, we look at 5 inventive Christmas party ideas to try this year. The Right Decorations