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Nine Reasons To Book Your Work Christmas Party Venue Now

13th May 2016
Christmas Party At Senate House

When Spring is (or at least it should be) in full bloom, it does seem a little bit like madness to be thinking about Christmas.

Unless, of course, you are in charge of organising the work Christmas party! If this is the case, starting to plan now is extremely savvy, especially when it comes to booking the Christmas party venue.

Christmas Party Decorations

Unconvinced? Here are our top nine crafty reasons to book your Christmas party venue now…


  1. You have loads more choice

There are many things to consider when choosing the venue for your Xmas party: room size, facilities, theme, budget, location and so on. So giving yourself plenty of time to do the research and find the right place is really important. On top of this, venues book out really quickly for Christmas parties and this is getting even earlier in the year. Although the majority of our bookings for Xmas come in over the summer, we’re already getting enquiries from savvy party planners. So booking now means you’ll be ahead of the main wave, ensuring you get the first choice on venues and entertainment.

  1. Get the date you want

The longer you leave it to book, the busier event venues will become and the less likely you are of booking a venue for the date you want. This is especially true if you want to have your work party on a Thursday or Friday, as they tend to be the most popular evenings and the first to book up in November and December.

  1. Save money

Most venues, catering and entertainment will offer discounts or a special package for early bookings – meaning you’ll have more money to spend on Prosecco.

  1. Less stress

Booking the venue is probably the biggest element of organising the Xmas party; get that done early and you take a lot of pressure off yourself in the coming months. This will mean you’ll have lots more time to focus on less stressful and more fun things such as decorations, entertainment and all of the extras that help make the Christmas party truly memorable.

  1. It’ll give you a concrete date to work towards

Event planning involves a lot of waiting…you have to wait for RSVPs, confirmation from suppliers, deliveries…the list goes on. As well as this, most of the tasks involved with organising a big event such as the work Xmas party are dependent on something else happening first. Having a set date marked on the calendar will help focus your planning and prioritise all of the other tasks involved with pulling off a Xmas party in style.

  1. More scope to be creative

Getting the big things out of the way early such as the venue avoids the mad rush of planning. This gives you more scope to be creative when it comes to the agenda, theme and how you will utilise the space you have booked.

  1. Better turn out

Having the venue booked now, means you give people plenty of warning ensuring more of your colleagues will be available on the day. Leave it until later and people’s diaries will already be full of other festive commitments.

  1. More time to promote it

When you rush to organise the entire Xmas party in three months, promoting the party and actually getting people excited about attending often gets neglected over the suddenly urgent practicalities of event planning. Book the venue early, and you know you’ll have time in the run up to the event to build the appropriate buzz level amongst your colleagues.

  1. Have more time to prepare for the unexpected

This is event planning after all - something is bound to go wrong! Book the venue early and give yourself more time for dealing with those potential problems.

As you can see, booking your Xmas party venue now is not as mad as you may think. Planning ahead will help you ensure you get the Christmas party you want and avoid disappointing colleagues. As well as these practical benefits, it also gives you something to look forward to at the end of summer, which we all know will come round a lot quicker than we’d like!

Book Your Christmas Work Party At Senate House

Senate House is the ultimate glam venue for a work Christmas party. Not only is this famous Grade II listed building perfect for a 1920s or Great Gatsby themed office party, we’re centrally located in London with excellent transport links, we have state-of-the-art AV technology and a dedicated events team to help you take care of all the planning. Our award-winning in-house catering team will take care of your belly, and offer a number of extra services including furniture hire and professional photography. Click here to check out our Christmas Party Packages for 2016 or get in touch with our events team directly via email or phone 020 78628127 today.

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