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Incredible Examples Of Large Scale 3D Projection Mapping & How It Can Be Used To Promote Your Brand

10th July 2014
Large Scale 3D Projection at Senate House

Over the last few years, 3D has really come into it’s own, dominating the blockbusters and movie theatres and even making its way into our living rooms.

But there’s a whole other 3D culture emmerging, especially in the corporate sector. Architectural projection mapping takes 3D entertainment to the next level, creating awe-inspiring visual effects at scales you just can’t replicate on a 50inch LED screen – or in a movie theatre, for that matter! 

Large Scale Projection Mapping 

Using the contours of prominent buildings as a base, modified lighting is meticulously mapped around the structure, dynamically bringing it to life with changes of colour, shading and movement - as well as some exceptional animation!

The result is truly spectacular, and the shows are used worldwide to engage and amaze a brand's audience. We’ve pulled together some of the most impressive 3D projection mapping shows from around the world, from big brand names like LG to Virgin Money. Each video shows how projection mapping can be used to evoke an audience for different purposes, whether it be brand awareness, a product launch, an event or a celebration of business success. 

Launching a product:

1. Samsung - 3D Television Launch

What better way to advertise your first ever 3D TV? By bringing their 3D technology into the real world, passers by were able to witness Samsung’s 3D innovation away from the familiar haven of their sofas or cinema, thus showing how innovative a leader they are in the world of 3D.

2. Peugeot - 308 Launch

When Peugeot launched their 308 models, they took projection mapping to another level, immersing a performer within the large-scale 3D show. The slogan ‘let your body drive’ was demonstrated by an actual person who performed against a backdrop or awe-inspiring 3D graphics. Unlike other projection shows, this added an element of perfomance as opposed to presentation, giving thier product a memorable send off. 

3. Guinness – The Launch of  St Arthurs Day

Using the unique contours of our very own Senate House, this projection show was organised to launch the first ever celebration of Arthurs Day, a day dedicated to getting people involved in music and creativity in Ireland and beyond. The 3 walls of the art deco structure gave this performance an extra depth when compared with using only one wall. And the results were quite stunning. 

Celebrating business change and success:

4. Ralph Lauren - 4D Experience in New York

Ralph Lauren has always been at the forefront of digital advances, and this New York projection mapping show certainly demonstrates that. Celebrating 10 years of digital innovation and leadership in the industry, they commissioned this 3D projection show to celebrate their achievements and demonstrate how they aim to keep on the road of success.

5. Virgin Money – Celebration of Business Change

Using another example of Senate House, Virgin Money utilised the unique structure for a celebration of their business change. Using the architectural aspects of Senate House to create a dynamic 3D experience, this show is particularly effective, with the feeling of speed and movement being key throughout.  


6. Hungarian National Day Celebration 

Sometimes you just need to celebrate. And that’s exactly what Hungary do every year when they celebrate the Hungarian National Day. And to make their celebration even more impressive, this projection mapping on the Castle of TaTa was commissioned.

Creating brand awareness:

7. LG Electronics - 3D Projection Mapping

Brands love 3D Projection mapping. It’s an impressive way to showcase their modernism and forward thinking, as well their technological ability. This display from LG demonstrates this, and does so with truly innovative ideas, delivered to an extremely high standard. The Humpback Whale in particular is amazing!   


8. Sensodyne - Interactive 3D Projection Mapping        

Everyone loves interaction. Inviting people into any situation makes it an experience rather than something they’ve witnessed, and this 3D projection mapping from Sensodyne did just that. By getting passers-by to join in with something really memorable, they reinforced their brand as well as demonstrating their product.

9. Carlsberg – Two VERY different approaches!

Carlsberg have truly embraced 3D projection mapping with open, welcoming arms. These videos show two very different approaches to the art, with one wowing non-suspecting passer-bys at Liverpool Street station into a pint, and the other… smashing holes in white cliffs of Dover!  Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. 

Event attendee interaction:

10. Red Bull - Racing 3D Projection Mapping

When it comes to innovation and daring digital stunts (and real life ones!) the Red Bull team really are at the top of their game. And their projection mapping doesn’t fail to thrill. Ever at the forefront of digital advancements and always looking for a way to delight their followers, this Red Bull-infused projection show was created in only 2 weeks to wow their audience at an event.  Watching it, you do sort of feel as though you’ve consumed an energy drink or two…

11. Enough Food For Everyone IF - Twitter Incorporated 3D Projection Mapping

The scale and memorability of projection mapping makes it the perfect hook for any event. Perhaps one of the most meaningful demonstrations of projection advertising was the ‘enough food for everyone IF’ campaign. It used a projection mapping show to raise awareness about world hunger and incorporated live twitter feeds, really captivating their audience. 

12. H&M - New Store Opening

Celebrating the opening of their new store in Amsterdam, H&M used an impressive projection mapping display to launch the new store into the high street with a bang, promoting their products as well as their brand.

13. Projection Mapping at Conferences

It’s not just brands and companies using projection mapping. This technology is being increasingly utilised on a smaller scale, such as conferences and meetings, making for one of the most exciting business meetings you could possibly attend. Take a look and see how this technology can thrill your conference guests.

Large Scale 3D Projection Mapping at Senate House

Projection Mapping is in its ‘watch this space’ phase. There’s still so much more to come, and the faster technology develops, the more awe-inspiring these shows will become.

“Projection mapping can really transform the look of a building or bring an ordinary set or event space to life using optical illusion." says Tom Burch, the managing director of Projection Artworks, our large scale projection mapping partner at Senate House. "We’re a specialist projection studio so we know all the best tricks to create those ‘3D’ effects that really pop visually. It’s so versatile too – we’ve worked on everything from corporate conferences to music festivals; with the right creative thinking, the magic of projection can be brought into pretty much any environment.”

To find out more about how Senate House could make your event stand out with projection mapping - whether it's for a product launch or a party, get in touch with us today. 

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