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How to Choose a Party Space for Summer | Event Advice

15th August 2013
Summer Party Space Senate House

When you think of the summer, the last thing people think of is work. Summer is officially party season, and what better way to celebrate than choosing a venue which suits the weather. Nobody wants to be trapped in a stuffy, windowless, characterless box of a room - here are a few tips on choosing a space for an event during the summer months.

High ceilings!

It can’t be underestimated how much of a difference it makes choosing an event space with high ceilings. The atmosphere will be more relaxed, cooler and a great deal more friendly and less claustrophobic. It also makes a difference to the acoustics of a building.

Doors than can stay open

There’s nothing better than the experience of a cool summer breeze, and having a party space with an outdoors is a fantastic way of enjoying the best of the summer weather. If that’s not possible however, consider a space where the doors or windows can stay open and let some air into the space. Keeping cool at a party is vital to its enjoyment for your guests.

The right music

If the weather’s good and the mood is right, it almost goes without saying that you need to choose the right music to represent the general feel of your party. It’s no good playing just summer anthems however - it’s worth mixing the music up a bit so all tastes are catered for. Choose the right music or entertainment and it alone can make or break your event.

The drinks menu

There is of course a huge range of option when it comes to choosing the drinks for your event, but selecting a wide variety of cocktails, soft drinks, non-alcoholic options and mixers is likely to create a talking point and feel more summery than standard wine or beer. Fruity cocktails and lighter drinks tend to be popular during the warmer months!


If your party involves food, it’s unlikely that your guests will want to sit down to to a full rich meal in the height of summer. When its warm buffets tend to be more popular, but specifically buffets that offer the right kind of food - naturally salads, charcuteries and fruit rather than pies or stews are the order of the day.

Senate House Events are committed to providing you with a perfect event space to suit your needs whether it be summer or winter. Our light, airy and inviting spaces are able to be adapted to suit your needs - find out more about our party spaces in London  - we have or contact us today to find out more or book for your event.

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