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Do's & Don't's of Corporate Banqueting | Event Advice

04th April 2014
How to give the perfect Banquet

The Corporate Banquet is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. The giving of a banquet can be a glamorous and momentous event, often celebrating corporate achievements, specific individuals or positive changes in business.


How to Give the Perfect Banquet

When it comes giving a Corporate Banquet, the overall ambiance of the evening should be extremely elegant and stylish. Like with all major events, it can be a challenge to get your corporate banquet perfect. There are a lot of different things you need to take into consideration, so we’ve put together a list of "Dos’ and Don’ts" when it comes to organising a corporate banquet to help you and your business pull off an unforgettable event. 

The Do's & Don'ts of giving a Corporate Banquet


Corporate Banquet at Senate House

Senate house offers a range of Banqueting Halls perfect for corporate banquets along with other major dining events. Get in touch today to find out about our prestigious building and how we can cater for your event.

For those with no access to an image reader, please see the content of our Banqueting infographic below: 

How To Give The Perfect Banquet: 

The Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Banqueting! 


Throw your banquet for a reason!

They are a great way to celebrate corporate achievements - make sure you define the purpose of your banquet.


Book a hall without seeing it first. 

It's vital to visit a Banquet Hall before you book, to gauge the size, location and general atmosphere.


Book your banquet hall early.

Find out more about Banquets at Senate House. Make sure you look at the options out there and try to book your chosen one as far in advance as possible. 


Forget to read the small print!

Different banquet halls offer different packages, read what's included when you hire your hall so you don't miss anything out.


Send your invitations out early.

Give your guests plenty of time to prepare for the corporate event of the year!


Neglect to read your cancellation policy!

If the worst happens and you have to cancel your event, make sure you've read all of the terms and conditions.


Define the the theme of your banquet

Is your banquet going to have a theme? Maybe Black Tie or fancy dress? Whatever your ideas, let your guests know early so they can prepare.


Forget to entertain your guests.

Make sure you have great entertainment planned; Will there be a roast, a toast or speeches? Get as many people as involved as possible. 


Provide your guests with a menu.

Have a look at the menu options included with your banquet hall. Make sure there is a varied menu that accommodates all your guests. Find out more about our banqueting catering.


Forget to decorate

The banquet hall will set the scene and mood for your banquet.

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