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Choosing your Event Venue: Dedicated Venues Vs. Non Dedicated Venues

08th September 2015
An elegant and unique event space

Attending events has never been so deep-rooted in our professional and personal lives. More of us than ever are getting involved with fundraisers and endurance events in our free time, whilst professionally we’re attending more conferences, exhibitions and corporate parties than ever before.

The increased popularity of events both professional and personal has lead to an influx in venues popping up to the meet the demand. This, combined with the up-rise of dedicated event space has left event planners’ professional and amateur spoilt for choice.

In this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to book your event venue, and also discuss how your event venue choice can impact your event. We’ll also explore why dedicated venues might not offer all that they seem to.

The Importance of an Event Venue

Your event venue says a lot. It says whether the event will be high-end or budget, luxurious or rudimentary. It’s one of the first indications guests get about the style of event before they attend it, so it’s important to choose a venue that will give off the right impression.

In a world where events are constantly being thrown, it’s never been as important to pick a memorable and compelling venue. However, when it comes to choosing one, it can be difficult see past the haze of hotels and conferences centres that make up the dedicated event venue sector.

A traditional conference room

The Appeal of Dedicated Event Space

Big hotel chains moved into the event venue market in the early 1980s after they realised that they could maximise their profitability by offering their space not only to travellers, but to the events market too. Since then many hotels have offered an all-in-one solution for events such as meetings and conferences.   Conference centres soon followed, and between them, they have revolutionised the events industry by offering space that is dedicated purely for event hire. 

Purpose built event space has its benefits. It can often be cheaper, is available at short notice and can offer flexibility. The influx of dedicated events venues followed the sharp increase in event popularity, however the market is now saturating, leaving event planners choosing from many venues that lack real character, space and light. When it comes to making your event stand out from the others, these venues can undermine an events essence and purpose.

How Environments Affect Guests

Consideration into how a person’s environment affects their mood has started to play a big role in the events industry. Event organisers are increasingly conscious of how a venue will impact guests, favouring open and bright event spaces that promote feelings of inspiration and motivation over darker, more closed venues that can be equally restricting and distracting.

A Library as an event space

Unique Non-Dedicated Venues Vs. Dedicated Venues

Event spaces that have an alternative purpose, such as a library, museum or other educational facility are likely to have a positive impact on guests’ experience. Often you’ll find that these types of buildings were designed to inspire and encourage their occupants, with tall ceilings, large windows and lots of open space.

Hotel and conference centres tend not to have had the same thought put behind their space. These buildings are often modern and designed to fit as many people in them whilst taking up the least amount of space. Ceilings are often low, rooms cramped and there’s a lack of natural light.

How to use an event venue to convey an event’s tone

When planning your event, set out to find a venue that serves more of a purpose than just being a base for the event. Consider what message and tone you want your event to convey to your guests and try and find a venue that can reinforce this. All types of events can utilise unique event venues in this way, and it’s becoming increasingly important to do so.  

Dining at a corporate party

Corporate Parties & Events

Corporate events are used as way to motivate, inspire and instil camaraderie within a work force. More companies are investing in seasonal parties, and although these are an added expense, the affect they can have on productivity is pivotal to business morale.

Choosing to host a corporate event or party at a more unique event venue can help a company represent what their staff and colleagues are worth to them, by demonstrating that they’re willing to invest more thought and money into their well being and enjoyment. The choice in corporate party venue can also be used to demonstrate corporate values.

Meetings & Conferences

Dedicated meeting spaces can be quite mundane and repetitive, evoking boredom and a lack of concentration for attendees. To enforce a more productive and uplifting environment, dual-purpose event space can provide a more a more airy and clear space for delegates to meet and discuss formal affairs.

Equally, conferences can benefit from event space that excites and motivates guests. Conference centres are over familiar haunts for regular conference goers, so choosing a venue that has a totally different aesthetic can be an effective way to engage and excite guests.

Dinner Dances, Banquets & Awards Ceremonies

The extravagant nature of a dinner event or banquet can be instantly undermined by the choice of venue. In their essence, these events are purposed to be lavish and celebratory, and a conflicting choice of venue can distort this message. Hotels with low ceilings and a lack of light can take away from the grand nature of these events, and when the expectation is one of opulence and luxury this can disappoint attendees.

Events for Profit

If you’re planning an event to generate revenue, it’s even more important to consider your choice of venue. Paying guests will have to feel wowed by the choice of venue before parting with their money, so be sure to choose somewhere that will excite them into attending.

The Future of Events & Venue Choice

As events continue to infuse themselves into our personal and professional lives, venue choice will continue to rise in importance, especially for events that want to portray a sense of uniqueness.

A unique event venue in London

At Senate House, we offer the flexibly and reliability of dedicated event space along with the opulence and elegance of a luxurious venue. Our event venue naturally caters for a range of event types, whilst also providing a unique, bright and historical base for your event. Get in touch with our team today and find out how we can help make your event stand out.

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