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The Benefits of Planning An Offsite Meeting

24th October 2018
benefits of an offsite meeting

What is an offsite meeting?

An offsite meeting is a workplace meeting that is held away from the normal working environment. Offsite meetings are often hosted in hotels, specialised meeting rooms or conference centres. It could also be classed as a remote meeting, as more and more face-to-face meetings are being taken into the remote sphere. 

What are the benefits of offsite meetings?

There are lots of reasons why hosting a meeting away from the workplace can improve the quality of your meeting.

These include:

Increased concentration and focus

Meeting attendees away from their normal working environment tend to report increased rates of focus and concentration. This can make off site meetings especially useful for meetings where important decisions need to be made or considered.

Better access to various amenities

Good meeting rooms are equipped with everything you’d need in order to run a smooth, successful meeting. For this reason, offsite meetings often run more efficiently, are more productive and are easier to manage.

Garden Halls Meeting Room for Offsite Meetings

Increased productivity and creativity

Creativity and productivity heighten when people are in new, inspiring spaces. This makes offsite meetings particularly useful for generating new ideas and getting decisions finalised.

Improved relationships between colleagues

Offsite meetings are often used to bring people from different departments together, so hosting a meeting on neutral territory can help people bond, feel more comfortable and get to know each other better. In turn, this can make a meeting far more effective.

Planning your offsite meeting

When planning an offsite meeting, there are a few things you need to consider that will differ to planning a meeting in your offices.

·Meeting room cost

How much are you prepared to invest in an offsite meeting space? Once you have a budget, make sure you find a meeting space that fulfils all your needs. Do you want catering, parking, audio/visual equipment? Identify what you need, otherwise you’ll end up paying for a space that won’t help you desired meeting outcome of the meeting.

Consider a remote meeting, especially if you need to include international attendees or those who cannot make it. At University of London Venues our events team can provide you with excellent audio-visual and technical support to make sure your remote attendees feel as included as your attendees who can be there in person. Google Hangouts works well for group calls as well as the community chat app Discord which enables communities to come together. Explore different ways of working around this, whether you use a Trello board to post ideas remotely, or even a Google Sheet. 

·Location and access

Getting the meeting’s location right is really important. Offsite meetings should be easy to access both in terms of public transport and general accessibility. Parking should also be offered if people are travelling from further afield.

team work at an offsite meeting


Depending on the type of meeting you’re hosting, you may want to provide catering. This will help keep momentum high throughout the day. Providing lunch for day long meetings will also keep attendees in one place and help to keep the meeting running to schedule, while morning and afternoon tea breaks are great for boosting productivity.

·Time and resource

Offsite meetings tend to require more time away from the office than those hosted in-house, so be very selective when choosing the attendees. Only include people who are vital in the meeting. Anyone whose time can be better spent elsewhere should not be invited. This will help keep the meeting more valuable, save you money and help you better reach your goals.

·Equipment needed

Consider in advance the equipment you’ll need for your meeting. From projectors right down to any adapters – make a list and make sure you have everything you need.

·Meeting goal and outcome 

As with all meetings, it’s crucial you identify a clear goal and outcome. This is especially important when planning an offsite meeting since you’ll be paying to rent a meeting space.

So, have a clear goal to accomplish so you can justify the investment of taking the meeting offsite.

Choosing your offsite meeting venue

Choosing the right offsite meeting venue is vital for creating the right atmosphere. A great venue choice will further help your business to achieve its meeting’s goals.

So, go the extra mile when choosing your meeting space. Try to find a venue with personality and character rather than a plain and soulless meeting space. Getting people out of the office and into a more stimulating environment is far more likely to inspire a successful meeting. It’s also important you choose a meeting space that is private, so you can focus without any distractions.

At University of London Venues, we offer a range of stylish and historic meeting room spaces. From meeting rooms boasting original art deco features to elegant spaces set out in a traditional theatre layout, we have a meeting room to suit every corporate need.

Senate House meeting room for offsite meetings

Offsite meeting planning checklist

To help you better plan and run your offsite meeting, we’ve put together a top-line checklist to help you get the most out it:

  • Keep groups as small as possible. An ideal number is anywhere between 5-10 people. Make sure the people in attendance are vital to the outcome of the meeting.
  • Write up your agenda a week ahead of the meeting and circulate to those attending. This gives people a chance to think about the points in advance and will generate more engagement on the day.
  • Don’t pack the agenda so everyone is saturated with information. Instead, pick out a key focus area and stick to that as the core topic of your meeting.
  • Ensure the event check-in is as quick and smooth as possible so you can get started as soon as people arrive.
  • Make your meeting fun and engaging - plan some group activities to get everyone to collaborate.
  • Take thorough notes during the meeting so everything is recorded.
  • When you return to the office make a list of actions that need to be taken as a result of the meeting. Then circulate this with specific instructions to everyone who attended the meeting.

Offsite meeting rooms in London

At University of London Venues, we offer a large selection of meeting rooms at our three fantastic central London locations. Our meeting rooms vary in size, with the capacity to accommodate from 4 delegates to 80. This means you can choose the best size for your group.

Our offsite meeting spaces offer privacy and convenience, supported by a team of professional event planners as well as an in-house catering team.

Contact us online today to book a meeting room for your offsite event. You can also give us a call on 020 7862 8127 or drop us an email at

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