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5 Innovative Corporate Party Ideas for Your Business

11th July 2013
Conference Venue London

Hosting a great party for your colleagues and workmates can see a number of benefits for your business, including increased morale, higher productivity and a better sense of camaraderie whilst at work. They can be great fun, and if done right, be one of the most memorable nights of the year. Here are five tips from us to create a fun, innovative and exciting party for your colleagues.

Use the Space Effectively 

Senate House Events are lucky to have a choice of 29 amazingly well appointed spaces in the heart of London to choose from when it comes to planning your corporate event. Choose your space wisely; make sure there's enough room for all your guests - and on the flip side, make sure it's not too big for all the guests! It's important to get the balance right when it comes to how many people are attending, as this has a huge impact on the atmosphere. Once you have your space chosen, decorate it in a way that will suit the event, the type of party and the kind of people that are being invited.

Event Space in Crush Hall

Decorate Your Party

Make the decor of the event both personal to your company and the interests of your workmates. Items like lanterns, decorative lampshades, candles and drapes can transform a space into something comfortable and familiar. The more bespoke your event looks, the more it will show that you’ve thought about what you’re offering to people. Create a space, rather than just use the room.

Corporate Party Decoration

Image via Flickr, shaireproductions

Create a Mood For Your Party

Creative lighting is a great way to set the tone and the mood of an event. Warm colours create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, and help take the edge off the perceived ‘corporate’ culture which people think pervades business parties. Equally, colder lights like blue, purples and greens can give a more playful tone; decide what kind of feeling you want your party to have 

Corporate Party Lights

Image via Flickr, Cyberslayer

Consider Party Themes

Don't think fancy dress themes, think party theme. Setting a theme transports guests into the mood and feel of a particular era. 1920s themes are always popular, as is the trend for 1960s office ‘Mad Men’ parties. Use the feel and culture of your business to determine which theme to go for.

What Party Drinks To Offer?

It’ll largely depend on what theme you’re using for your party – but crafting an elegant and interesting choice of drinks will stop people going over the top and make them think about what it is they’re consuming. Take a look at our events catering menu for party drink ideas. Senate House offer a full and comprehensive catering and drinks service for all functions if required, and it’s a great idea to be creative with your drinks menu.

Senate House are happy to cater for a wide range of events from corporate parties and events to weddings and receptions. The large, airy and open spaces, as well as the choice of rooms on offer, will ensure you’re able to be creative with your party. Contact us today for more information and how to book to your party.

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