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Christmas Party Tips to Kick Start your Festive Season

20th September 2013
Hosting Christmas Party London

With summer on the wane and cold weather showing its appearance once again, people’s attentions naturally turn to the next major event on the calendar – Christmas. Although it may seem a little early to get the tinsel up, Christmas party bookings are already being snapped up, and the minds of businesses are turning to securing venues for their annual gathering. In this blog post, we look at 5 inventive Christmas party ideas to try this year.

The Right Decorations

A Christmas party doesn’t necessarily mean digging out every single decoration under the sun and putting them up. When you are hosting a Christmas party it pays to be simple, minimalist and natural. Use neutral colours and themes, and don’t over-do it – a crisp and defined look with standout shapes and patterns will go down well with your guests.


How to and who to give gifts to is one of the main issues of Christmas parties – but it doesn’t have to be. There are many opportunities to create gift exchanges, make your own presents or use games to choose who gives presents to each other. Hand-made bespoke presents often go down well in party scenarios and add a special touch to the evening.


Why not spice up your evening with custom menus and drinks? Senate House provide catering facilities, and are able to tailor a package to suit you when you are hosting a Christmas party. Christmas cocktails often go down well, and there is always the option of creating ‘mocktails’ for the non-drinkers, rather than just offering soft drinks or juice. Here’s an excellent Christmas Mocktail idea to try yourself.

Party Games

In many ways party games seem to be family tradition at Christmas, so why not think about including them as part of your party plans. Here is an excellent list of Christmas party game ideas – there is an opportunity to create a game using a variety of festive themes!

What to Wear?

It’s easy when it’s Christmas to fall in to the trap of themed attire or fancy dress. It’s a great idea to impose a dress code which is more formal than would otherwise feel appropriate – in any case it’ll allow for great photos, a chance to feel smart & glamorous and make it a night to remember….it also is timeless – smart clothes are fashionable no matter what the occasion or decade!

Christmas parties can be tricky to organise and difficult to stand out from the crowd with, but it can be done. At Senate House we offer a wide range of options and allow for a large degree of customisation – if you would like more information about parties at Senate House please do contact us or browse our venue pages

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