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28 Rules For Promoting Your Event on Twitter

12th February 2016
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Six thousand tweets are sent every second so you need to think creatively when marketing your event on Twitter if you want to stand out. It’s no longer enough to send out a few tweets letting people know when your event is, you need to spark their interest, get their attention and their trust before your event starts to sell out.

It may be getting tougher to stand out from the crowd, but we know you’re up to the challenge. And to help, we’ve put together our top tips on how to promote your event on Twitter like a pro. Whether it is an awards ceremony, dinner dance, seminar, conference, exhibition or product launch, follow these rules and you’ll be trending in no time.

Trending Hashtag

Rules for creating a trend-worthy event hashtag

1.Create it early - choose a hashtag for your event right at the start of the process and stick with it.

2.Keep it short - because you only get 140 characters in a Tweet. 

3.Make sure it’s unique - this will make sure Twitter only shows tweets about your event when someone performs a hashtag search.

4.Only use one - more than one confuses everyone and dilutes the conversation.

5.Promote it - include your hashtag on all promotional materials and encourage people to use it in your messaging.

6.Use it - remember to always use your hashtag in every tweet you send out about your event, this will encourage other people to use it, and also ensure your tweets are shown in the conversation.

7.Incentivise it - encourage more people to tweet about your event by offering prizes to those using your hashtag.

Lots of Twitter Chats

Rules for building a ‘buzz’ around your event

8.Plan and Schedule

Create a conversation calendar to plan posts and guide the conversation leading up to and throughout the event. You could organise Twitter chats around the main themes of your event or have a Q&A session with guests or speakers. Don’t forget to take advantage of any established weekly chats that are relevant to your event for example, #CharityTuesday.

9.Opinion Polls

Make potential attendees feel involved from the beginning by utilising Twitter’s opinion polls as a way for people to have their say about the event or make suggestions. They could vote on anything from the theme to the topic of the main presentation. Not only will this encourage your target audience to engage with your event, it will establish a connection by making them feel part of the process.

10.Get Everyone Involved

Speaking of getting involved, make sure you urge everyone involved with organising the event or taking part in it to tweet (and use the event hashtag!).

11.Reach Out to Influencers

Perhaps you already have good relationships with the popular bloggers and opinion leaders in your industry but if you don’t, getting them involved with your event is a great way to introduce yourself and give your event extra clout.

12.Host Competitions

Creating a few competitions in the run up to your event is a great way to keep people interested and excited. Offering people a chance to win free registration or VIP access or prizes on Twitter will naturally result in engagement.

13.Create Teasers

Because everyone loves a good bit of intrigue! Drip-feed your followers exciting details about the speakers, areas of discussion, presentations and behind the scenes images of the venue. Video works really well and apps such as the Periscope (the live streaming app from Twitter) and Vine (the app that creates looping videos) make it easy to create short, shareable clips.

14.Add Value

All of the rules for creating a ‘buzz’ around your event on Twitter so far have been about adding value for your audience in different ways. But this time by ‘value’ we specifically mean valuable and unique information. Providing original opinion pieces, breaking news, guides and thought-leading articles that are helpful to your audience and related to your event is one of the most important ways to earn the trust of your attendees and excite them about your event. Do not undervalue the value of great content!

Live Tweeting

Rules for live tweeting your event

15.Enlist a Dedicated Live Tweeter

Getting the hang of live tweeting takes a bit of practice and a lot of preparation. You need to be quick to post sharable content, remember to tag people and include the event hashtag in your tweets. Post key quotes, statistics and facts that are interesting, useful and meaningful.

Tips for Live Tweeting like a pro:

·      Pull out key takeaways from presentations beforehand if you can.

·      Have all key twitter handles ready in a list to hand for tagging on the day.

·      Bring back ups (such as a spare phone charger, tablet or laptop).

16.Stop and Double Check Your Messaging

Live tweeting can be a real adrenaline rush – especially when you’re racing to be the first one to post the best quote. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, but it’s important to remember to stop and double check each tweet before hitting send.

17.Take Photos, Lots of Photos

According to Hubspot, tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without. Pictures are a powerful way to leave a lasting impression and offer non-attendees a more authentic experience of the event.

18.Live Streaming

Video is the biggest growing trend on Twitter, so make sure you download Periscope and include some live streaming in your live tweeting for guaranteed added engagement. According to ECM, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. 

19.Bring It Offline

Consider having a live Twitter wall somewhere central in the venue – this is easily done using apps such as LiveTweetApp and TweetWall.  Try and avoid placing live Twitter walls behind speakers as these can be distracting – especially if there is a mischief-maker in the audience!

20.Remind People to Tweet Regularly

Have speakers remind people of the event hashtag and encourage attendees to tweet.

21.Monitor Conversations and Stoke Engagement

Make sure you are monitoring the conversation taking place around your event on the day (this includes unofficial hashtags that may have cropped up) and encourage more interaction by retweeting good points, answering questions, adding to the discussion and connecting with people to grow your audience.

Our top tip for replying on Twitter:

If you begin a tweet with someone’s twitter handle only they will see your tweet, putting a character in front of the twitter handle (such as a full stop) will ensure everyone has a chance to see it.

Creating a Twitter Network

Rules for keeping people engaged after the event

22. Storify

People will not only be interested in your take on the event but other event-goers’ opinions too. Using Storify to collect all of the best tweets and interactions from the day creates a very visual, shareable post.

23. Thank yous

Thank everyone that attended your event and give special mentions to individual speakers or people that contributed valuable input to the discussion on the day. Don’t forget to keep utlising your hashtag!

24.Reconnect with new followers

An important part of using Twitter to promote your event is using the platform to make connections that last beyond the event and grow your network. So make sure you reach out to any new followers you’ve gained post-event and welcome them into the fold.

25. Create an afterhours tweet-up on Twitter

This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet up again online and discuss questions raised from the day, or just reminisce about how great the event was!

26.Share any resources from the event

Make sure you tweet links to any resources from your event including professional photos for people to refer to and share.

27. Ask for feedback

Feedback from your attendees is invaluable for future events and makes them feel valued.

28. Discuss lessons learned and set future goals

Discuss what you think you could do better, set goals and let everyone know how you plan to make the next event even better!

Follow these rules and by the time your next event comes around, you will have expanded your network and influence even further. 

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