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The 12 best apps to help attendees network at your events

21st November 2018
Attendees at a conference

There’s no disputing the power of networking in business. We all need it, whether we’re new to an industry, selling or buying a product, or simply researching.

The primary purpose of networking is relationship-building, both on a personal and a brand level. It’s the perfect social tool to leverage the reputation of a professional or a company - which is why networking events are so popular. Contrary to what some might believe, networking doesn’t need to be time-consuming or traditional. Nowadays there are many conference and trade show networking apps ideal for speeding up and aiding the networking process.  

To facilitate networking for you and your event attendees, we’ve researched the best networking tools and apps that will make networking at events far more effective.

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Networking Apps for connecting ahead of an event

Nowadays, event guests can start building relationships before they’ve even set foot in a networking event venue. There are many apps that facilitate this. These include:


Used by TedX, Whova allows attendees to create detailed bios and connect with each other ahead of an event. This means that you can seek out people you’d like to meet with prior to an event and bypass all the preamble that comes with traditional networking. It also allows attendees to share digital business cards, ensuring an easier route to a post event relationship.


The Pathable app also allows you to connect with attendees before the event date. In Pathable, users have access to a browsable attendee directory and also features private messaging and a meeting scheduler tool. This allows you to arrange your day in advance, maximising your networking opportunities.


LinkedIn offers numerous benefits that make it a useful app to use ahead of networking events. It shows you a ready-made list of potential attendees and also allows you to filter out unwanted connections on your profile. You can also pinpoint who you want to meet with at an event and then approach them using Linkedin’s in-mail facility.

Conference networking apps 

Presdo Match

For those looking for something more scalable than LinkedIn, the Presdo Match app is exactly what you’re looking for.

This app integrates with the LinkedIn interface, allowing attendees to import their LinkedIn profiles. As well as benefits such as a ready-made event attendee directory, it also allows attendees to connect securely with others. In addition, it automatically makes connection recommendations tailored to each person, making it ideal for large scale events such as conferences.

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The beauty of Bizzaboo is that it’s ideal for large-scale events such as conferences or exhibitions. It allows you to run an entire event, while also offering great benefits for networking too.

With a community section, a messaging functionality, LinkedIn integration and a focus on social sharing and engagement, Bizzaboo is a key player in the conference networking app landscape.

Beveridge hall ready for a conference

Tinder but for networking


Shapr is reminiscent of the dating app Tinder. It features a swipe functionality to determine a networking match. It also enables intra-industry networking by using attendees’ tagged interests, location and professional experience to suggest up to 15 profiles a day.

Networking’s answer to twitter


This event app can be used to organise an entire event, but with the bonus of a social feature similar to Twitter to enable easier networking.

It provides all app users with a private event network, featuring a timeline that encourages interaction, similar to Twitter. As new users join the app, a timeline notification allows existing users to invite them to connect. Interactive location maps also allow attendees to see which delegates have been to the same events as them, enabling real-time networking.

Interactive business networking tools


This app is the leader when it comes to displaying user generated content in events. In the same way that Tag board (see below) aggregates all content from event social media channels, Eventifier displays users’ posts in one, streamlined embedded view. The extra edge comes from the addition of CTA buttons on live social posts, driving people to interact and make conversions. You can also hand pick content that should go to the main display or small screens around the venue.

Tag board

This app is essentially a social media wall, which gathers user generated content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and displays it live at an event. As with Eventifier (see above) this tool boosts attendee engagement and encourages a natural, organic form of networking. Another benefit of Tag board is that event organisers can use it to display specific posts right from their Eventbrite dashboard too.

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Use digital business cards to network


This app speeds up networking by allowing attendees to share digital business cards between each other. No need to worry if traditional business cards feature out of date material. With Contxts, you can easily package up all your up-to-date contact information and send it over in a text.

Tools to take business networking to another level

Group me

The aim of Group me is to get event attendees talking during and after an event - but without the baggage of a standard event app.

It’s essentially a messaging app, but it’s been specifically built for networking. It’s formatted as a private chat room and all messages can be seen by everyone in the group. This encourages engagement, and it’s users can share all types of media, including images, videos, documents and hyperlinks.


This event app is similar to the site in the sense that you can connect with people with similar interests and expertise. This is done via tags which allow users to see which users they have things in common with. Once attendees have found who they want to reach out to, they can use the in-app private messaging facility to network online.

It also enables speakers and delegates to connect via a central feed and a rating system, letting speakers to see who rates their sessions.

Networking Events at University of London Venues

Whether you want to network at scale, are looking to connect ahead of an event, or want to exchange digital business cards - we hope this article has helped you find the networking app you’re looking for.

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