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10 Ways to Run Better Meetings

08th January 2018
Meeting Room at Student Central with chairs in a circle

We’ve all been to, and organised, meetings that have overrun or not gone according to plan. We’ve pulled together our 10 top tips to running better meetings to help ensure that your future meetings are efficient, enjoyable and most importantly productive.

We understand that it's more difficult to hold effective meetings when working remotely. However, with many businesses turning to remote meetings and virtual conferencing at this time, there are so many ways of holding effective remote meetings.

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  1. A well-known bugbear of meeting organisers (and attendees) is an unproductive meeting that eats into your precious working time. Send round an agenda before the meeting, so people know what to expect and can raise any points prior to the day. This should avoid people getting side-tracked during the meeting. If you end up with someone who is dominating the meeting and not listening to others, then take some time out. If a venue has a breakout space or a café, this is a great place to take stock and let people blow off steam.

senate house meeting room

  1. Choose a central venue with good transport links. This helps avoid late arrivals due to traffic and looking for that elusive parking space. 
  1. What happens if your key piece of technology fails? Avoid the whole meeting grinding to a halt by knowing what you need and finding out exactly what technology the venue offers. Make sure you arrive early to familiarise yourself with it too. Additionally, it’s worth checking in advance if your chosen venue has an in-house events team to provide technical support.
  1. First impressions are vital. Avoid ending up in a pokey, dingy room buried in the depths of your chosen venue - simply ask to see images and floorplans of the room before you book.
  1. Be careful that you don’t end up with a meeting room that has insufficient accessibility for wheelchair users. Or with a theatre set up, when you need a cabaret layout. Choose a venue that offers flexible seating and check which rooms are accessible for all attendees.

Student central meeting room

  1. Getting the right environment is key to the success of your meeting. You’ll never please everyone, but aim for a comfortable, practical room that has adjustable heating, air conditioning and adequate windows.  If people become too hot, or too cold, or the room is too bright or dark, then attention can start to wander. You want to have the control to stop this from happening. If possible visit your chosen meeting room before the meeting takes place.
  1. Always, always make sure you provide enough refreshments for your meeting attendees. Tea and coffee are essential, as are some form of snack. Without refreshments (and yes, caffeine!), you’re in danger of losing people as their energy and focus dwindle. The easiest solution is to choose a venue with in-house catering, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. They should also be able to account for any allergies.
  1. Probably the most frequent meeting niggle and something that all meeting holders are faced with is an overrunning meeting. If you’re holding it at a venue, then you are likely to only have the room for a specific timeframe. Help ease the stress of this problem by choosing a venue that offers alternative options if this happens. Perhaps they can move you to another room, or you can extend your booking on the day.
  1. It’s always advisable to check out the venue’s technical facilities and Wi-Fi connection, especially if you’ll be holding a conference call with attendees dialling in remotely. It’s a bonus if the venue has a technical team on hand to help.

Student central meeting room

  1. Check your venue’s cancellation policy. There’s always the chance that something will happen that means you need to reschedule or cancel at short notice. People might not turn up or plans may alter at the last minute. You don’t want to be left out of pocket.  

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Whatever the issue, if you keep our 10 tips in mind, your meeting will be the best it can be. Then it’s just down to the attendees themselves. Find out how our in-house team can help support you and give you more information on booking your meeting room by calling us on: 020 7862 8127, emailing us on or making an online enquiry

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