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10 Iconic shows that were filmed at Senate House

05th August 2019
Senate House Film Venue

Our flagship venue Senate House oozes history and art deco elegance.

As one of London’s first skyscrapers, it epitomises Charles’ Holden’s love of modernist and 1920s design and naturally lends gravitas to film sets.
The contrast of iconic and simple styling makes it the perfect setting for filming live action and still photography.

While some of Senate House’s film and TV moments have become renowned, there are many backdrop shots and sweeping glimpses that have been forgotten. We take a look back at the more unusual and interesting films and TV dramas that have been filmed in the elegant Senate House.

  1. Celebrate the most recently acclaimed scenes from the BAFTA winning series “Killing Eve”, where we see Senate House double up as the headquarters of MI5.

Killing Eve episode filmed at Senate House
Image credit: BBC

 2. "Bodyguard” is another critically acclaimed BBC series, and sees Senate House double up as St Matthew’s College and later as the conference hall where an assassination attempt against the Home Secretary takes place.

Filming of the BBC Bodyguard series at Senate House
Image Credit: BBC

3. The historical aesthetics have also proven to be the perfect backdrop for “The Antiques Roadshow.” Back in 2017, the dramatic Crush Hall is seen hosting the bulk of the proceedings.

Antiques Roadshow being filmed at Senate House

Image credit: BBC

4. Back in 2017, Senate House was used in the Black Mirror episode entitled ‘Black Museum which features a museum that boasts rare criminal artefacts. Senate House doubles up at St Juniper’s Hospital in the episode.

senate house black mirror

Image Credit: Reddit


5. In the recent TV mini-series ‘Patrick Melrose’ with Benedict Cumberbatch, Senate House is used as the Hotel Lobby, where he ends up trashing his room (a separate set).

Senate House as the main lobby Patrick Melrose series

Image Credit:

6. Episode 5 of 2018’s “Silent Witness”, {another BBC drama} sees Senate House doubling up as the US Embassy - and looking suitably official and impressive. 

.Senate House in Silent Witness
Image Credit: BBC

7. In the 2018 film “Christopher Robin”, the impressive exterior of Senate House acts as the headquarters for the protagonist’s Winslow Enterprises.

Senate House in the film Christopher Robin

Image Credit:

8. In the 2016 British war comedy-drama “Their Finest”, Senate House is used to represent the Ministry of Information. This is a hugely fitting location that echoes history, as Senate House was actually used for the purpose between 1939 and 1946 during World War 2.

Senate House in the film Their Finest

Image Credit:


9. In the 2005 blockbuster, “Batman Begins”, the famous Crush Hall and foyer are featured again, this time as the City of Gotham State Courts and plays witness to some dramatic action scenes.

Senate House in Batman Begins

Image Credit: UK Movie Locations

10. In the 2012 film, “The Dark Knight Rises”, the sumptuous Crush Hall and foyer of Senate House was used as the backdrop for the memorable charity ball scene with Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway.

Ballroom scene filmed at Senate House
Image Credit:

Are you looking for a unique filming location with grand vistas, halls and beautiful architectural detailing? Or perhaps a large-scale industrial feel?

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