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Conference speaker
28th June 2021
As the UK’s vaccination program continues to roll out across the population, the event industry is slowly starting to return. An immunised population means that attendees are much less of an infection risk factor than they were previously. At University of London Venues, the gradual lifting of restrictions is great news for our staff, clients and the events industry as a whole.
22nd June 2021
As the UK emerges from another lockdown, many businesses are putting plans in motion to welcome their employees back to the office. It’s unlikely to be business as usual, however. The past year has impacted how employees work together with many working remotely. With teams distributed across the country, team cohesiveness is now a priority. 
Diversity & inclusion
07th June 2021
Achieving diversity in events has become increasingly important for event organisers in recent years. It has become an expectation for most event organisers to design their events in a way that they are accessible and accommodating to the widest spectrum of people across society. One of the main barriers to hosting inclusive and diverse events is that many organisers are still unsure about what it means to be truly diverse, and the steps needed to get there.
Friends clinking drinks
06th May 2021
Spring has arrived and the chilly bite in the air is being edged out one degree at a time into what will eventually become summer. The arrival of spring in 2021 for many of us is extra special because social events are starting to open up after what seems like a very bleak year. Having been deprived of outdoor enjoyment for much of spring and summer 2020, the appetite for social events and gatherings has never been more hotly anticipated. 
Conducting a choir
25th March 2021
As we move into spring of 2021, Christmas will be a slipstream thought for many of us. Yet, in the events world planning for Christmas 2021 begins right now!
man cycling on street
24th February 2021
Cycling is a great way to get more exercise, avoid reliance on public transport & lower your carbon footprint. Read our list of cycling in London tips!
bee keepers at UOLV
19th February 2021
The promotion of sustainability is something to which the University of London has been long-committed. It’s our belief that only through a multi-pronged approach to sustainability covering our entire footprint, will we make a crucial difference. Food, travel, waste, supply chain, events and halls of residence energy consumption are amongst the key areas of our sustainability policy.
Conference audience
03rd February 2021
How to plan a conference using a conference timeline  
14th December 2020
Christmas seems to come round very fast every single year. Before we know it, it’s time to string up the wreaths and adorn our homes with lights, tinsel and lights. The festive season used to mean a calendar packed full of Christmas drinks, work parties and get-togethers. COVID-19 is sure to re-shape this year’s Christmas experience in a way never seen before due to restrictions on group meet-ups.
Woman on sofa with laptop
30th October 2020
The world has been living in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic for half a year, a period of time that has seen the events industry amongst others, come under huge pressure.